Get student life off to a GREat start


Students at the University of Greenwich can take advantage of a festival which can help them get off to a GREat start.

GREFest is our induction programme for new and continuing students and this year we are getting our students ready to study with sessions on all our campuses.

September’s GREFest is a mix of virtual and live events packed full of wellbeing, study skills, employability and online support events.

There are lunchtime sessions every day from Monday 5 to Friday 9 September looking at university study. Fellow students will be on hand to talk about their university experiences, and university support staff will be able to answer any questions. The idea behind these sessions is to help anyone who might be feeling a little anxious about starting.

Daily Drop-Ins from 5-9 September

Monday 5 September: First steps to getting settled where attendees can find out what they can do now to prepare for university and meet some current students who will share their experiences as new students.

Tuesday 6 September: Developing university skills, find out what other students are saying about LevelUp, meet the Academic Support team and ask questions.

Wednesday 7 September: What resources and services can you expect? Meet Subject Librarians and hear from students how they use the libraries, the student centres and the Students' Union.

Thursday 8 September: GREFest our Festival of Skills. Find out more about GREFest and how it can support your learning.

Friday 9 September: Preparing to Learn Online. Hear from students how they have used digital tools and online platforms for their learning and learn how to register for free and discounted student software.

I absolutely appreciate the effort the faculties are putting into these sessions to help us new students move into university life! Can't wait to meet everyone on campus!

Main Stages for all levels of study

Our main stages run from 12-16 September. These are for new undergraduate students, continuing students or postgraduate students. All the Main Stage GREFest sessions have been designed to help students to better understand the skills needed to develop and succeed at university.

Sessions will be hosted on a rotating basis at each of our 3 campuses, and live streamed to dedicated rooms in our other campuses where students can meet others at the same level of study and staff will be on hand to support them. There is also the option to join fully remotely, for those who choose to.

The session gave me a clearer insight on learning independently and how to gather the appropriate materials needed to improve my skills and knowledge.

There are other tents as part of the festival, including:

Be Well Tent: Introducing the Student Wellbeing Service, Employability and Student Finance support teams. International Students can also find sessions to help adjust to life in the UK.

Info Tent: Answering questions about logins, passwords, accessing the Portal, hooking up to the university Wi-Fi and more.

Festival Fun: At GREFest not everything is about work and study. There is also the Amusement Tent, the Food Tent and The Chillout Zone.

Dedicated support for International Students

Although all GREFest sessions are suitable for International Students, we have also developed some sessions to help these students settle into life in the UK.

International Students can learn more about adjusting to life in the UK and a meet-up and Q&A session just for them. There will be tips and advice on how to manage the transition between other countries and the UK. The university’s online International Welcome Programme is specifically designed to give access to all the information needed to prepare for life as a student in the UK. There are tips on what can be done before leaving home and some things to do once here. There is also a free subscription to the UK Survival Service and discounts on airport transfers.

It’s been more than 8 years since I last sat in the classroom so these sessions will definitely help me with my academic skills and essay writing which I am nervous about at the moment. So, thanks for such help.