Being Covid Safe: Reporting concerns


The Covid-Safe Charter sets out the expectations that apply to all students and staff during the pandemic. It is very important that we all follow the university and government guidance to ensure the continuing health and wellbeing of our whole university community.

Commitment to the expectations of our Covid-Safe Charter is more important than ever given the new national restrictions starting on 5 November.  The charter applies on campus and in student accommodation, and in our local communities.

There may be occasions when university and government guidance is not followed. If you feel the behaviour of others may be breaching the expectations of our Covid-Safe Charter, you can report this.

The Covid-19 Student Behavioural Breach Disciplinary Procedure has been introduced to specifically cover the kinds of behaviours that breach the behaviour we expect from our students and staff, and provides further detail on how such breaches will be considered.

Some people are exempt from some of the guidance, however we have updated our guidance on wearing an exemption badge if you are unable to wear a face covering.

Guidance for students  

If you see someone failing to observe the university's guidance around face coverings, social distancing, or one way systems and signage, you should try to raise your concerns directly with them in an open, constructive, and polite manner. This might include a simple reminder to wear a face covering, a request to stand or sit a little further away, or direct them to the correct route around a building.

If you feel that the request is not being acted on, you receive a negative response or you do not feel comfortable talking to the person directly, then you should report the matter at the earliest opportunity by one of these methods:

However, we are unlikely to be able to effectively deal with concerns that are raised anonymously or where the identity of the person breaching the Covid-Safe Charter is not known. If you have any concerns about your own wellbeing or safety, please contact the Greenwich Students' Union Advice Service or university support services for support.

For further information, please visit the Being Covid-Safe page and our student FAQs, which are updated regularly.