Welcome: Settling in to university


We know the past few months have been tough, and we know coming to/coming back to university brings uncertainty. Here you'll find articles from Student News about the start of term. In one place, so they're easier to find.

As new content is added, it'll appear here, but remember to check the GSU Welcome site and GKSU Welcome site - they can't wait to welcome you either.

Keeping each other safe

The animation below explains some of the changes we've made to our campuses as part of our Covid-Safe Arrangements. 

We must all act to support each other and behave responsibly to keep ourselves and others safe.  You can see see how we expect students and staff to behave during the pandemic, and what you can expect from the university, GSU and GKSU in our Covid-Safe Charter.  There's further guidance and information about our Covid Safe planning is available on our Covid-Safe webpages.

We want you to enjoy your time at university, but we also want you to stay safe.

We know you will have questions, please see our Being Covid-Safe: Student FAQs