Learning Analytics: Find out more about Study Goal, the app that allows you to take control of your own learning


It offers visualisations about your learning activities, like how much are you using the content of the VLE and allows you to see the data your tutors see.

Learning Analytics "refers to the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about the progress of learners and the contexts in which learning takes place."  

Every time you interact with the university you leave behind a digital footprint e.g. borrowing from the library or logging onto the VLE (virtual learning environment) to access module content etc.  

So Learning Analytics is the process of using this data to help your tutor make informed decisions which can lead to improved student satisfaction, retention and engagement.  You have a legal right to see data held about you and ensure it is correct, and that's where the Study Goal app comes in.

Study Goal offers a series of visualisations about your learning activities and is linked to Data Explorer, which is your tutor's dashboard, and means you can see the data your tutors can see.

It also lets you take control of your own learnings where you can set your own goals and targets.  The goals and targets you set for yourself are not recorded or monitored by anyone else - and you can choose to use it as much or as little as you like.

This presentation from Jisc, the UK's expert body for digital technology and digital resources in higher education, who developed the app tells you all this and more.

You can find out more in our Student Guide to Learning Analytics, and in our earlier article: Learning Analytics: Using data to support your learning.

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