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Partner College Network (UK)

The University of Greenwich is growing its partner college network. Find out which colleges the university has a partnership with.

From its earliest days, the University of Greenwich has collaborated closely with its local colleges. Over the years these collaborative efforts have come to form a Partner College Network comprising eleven institutions, all of which work together within the network.

The Partner College Network works on a broad range of objectives that encompasses:

  • the delivery of higher education within further education and
  • joint work on a range of initiatives related to widening participation and access.

The network forms part of a broader commitment to regional development, in particular to the regeneration of the Thames Gateway.

It also offers HNC and HND programmes, Levels 4 and 5 of honours degrees, some honours degree programmes, and a growing portfolio of foundation degrees (Fds).

Information for partners

The Partner College Handbook provides information, guidance and support to our partners delivering HE in FE.