Find out everything you need to know about results day, and what you need to do to be prepared.

Getting ready


Have your Track sign in details ready and update your contact details if you need to.

Make sure you're available on results day, or update your nominated contact who can discuss your application on your behalf.


Even if you expect to get the grades you need, it doesn't hurt to have a plan B. Consider other suitable courses for your chosen career path, or other things that you may be good at and enjoy, be open minded. You can even change the course you want to study, as long as you can justify it. Draw up a list of alternative universities that offer courses that could fit your needs.


Sign up to our 'Priority Clearing' service; you'll receive all the information you need to prepare for Clearing, just in case. Clearing gives you another opportunity to get onto a course that is right for you if you don't quite make the grades. 

Results Day

Sign into Track and check the status of your offer.

Hopefully you'll have the results you need, if you haven't quite met them you may still be accepted anyway.

Results better than you expected

If you had a conditional firm offer you met and exceeded, you might be think about courses with higher entry requirements.

If so, you can see what's available in the UCAS Adjustment service.

Change of plan

Look at the Clearing course vacancies in the UCAS search tool; compare courses and speak to universities in person.

Be ready to tell us your results, the course you want and why you want to do it.

When you have an offer, confirm your final choice and begin to think about accommodation and finance matters.

To find out more about how Clearing works read our FAQs