Planning for Clearing

Clearing opens on 6 July. You can get in touch as soon as you have all your results. The busiest time for Clearing is on A-level results day. Make sure you’re ready.

How do you plan for Clearing? The following guide is designed to help you out.

Before results day

Do your research

  • Think about the courses you would like to study and any alternatives.
  • If you can, visit the universities you're interested in.
  • We are offering a series of virtual events. Come and meet us.

Gather information

Collect the information you need, so you're ready to go:

  • Your UCAS number (if you have one)
  • Grades, such as A-level, BTEC and GCSEs
  • An idea of the courses you'd like to study
  • Clearing phone numbers and opening times.

Beat the rush on results day with a priority phone number.

On results day

We currently expect results day to proceed as normal. The standard timeline runs as follows.

Morning: from 8am

  • Your grades are released at 8am on the UCAS website.
  • If your UCAS Track status says, 'In Clearing' or 'Clearing has started', or if you've changed your mind, get in touch!
  • Our phone lines will be open. Give us a call (using your priority number if you have one).
  • If the course you want to do is full, there may be similar courses available.

Afternoon: from 3pm

  • You can submit your Clearing decision from 3pm. This gives you time for research before you make any decisions.
  • If the university confirms that it will accept you, you can add this to 'Your Choices' on UCAS.
  • You can speak to as many universities as you like, but you can only add one Clearing choice to accept at a time.

Clearing timeline

6 July: Clearing opens

If you have your results, you can start Clearing.

Mid-July - 12 August: BTEC results

BTEC results are released from mid-July. Once you have all your results, you can contact our Clearing team.

13 August: A-level results

The UCAS website releases your results at 8am. Our phone lines will be open. You can submit decisions from 3pm.

14 August - September/October

Clearing continues until our courses are full or the academic year begins.