Learn more about the speakers who have participated in our seminar series so far.

Anna Brailsford

CEO of Code First: Girls

Anna is the CEO of Code First Girls and a Board Member for the Institute of Coding. 
​Code First: Girls, is a multi-award winning social enterprise which focuses on working with companies with men and women directly, to help increase the number of women in tech.
Find out about Anna's Big Picture Seminar.

Steven Haines

Human Rights at Sea Trustee

Steven Haines is an active Trustee of the NGO Human Rights at Sea and one of the authors of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea. He has specialist legal and policy interest in ocean governance and maritime security - including the safety and security of people at sea.
Find out about Steven's Big Picture Seminar.

Stefan Raubenheimer

Senior Executive Officer at FILE Foundation

Stefan Raubenheimer is a recognised international leader on long-term assessments, scenario planning and climate mitigation work, including climate litigation, research and programme management. He has wide experience in conceptualising and leading programmes and has extensive experience in facilitating climate change projects across the globe, with specific expertise of working in Latin America and Southern Africa.
Find out about Stefan's Big Picture Seminar.

Meike Imberg + Jane Harrington

Client Account Manager at Stonewall // Vice Chancellor of University of Greenwich

After graduating from University of Greenwich, Meike got involved with the Students' Union and was elected as Programme and Faculty Representative. Following this, Meike was then elected as Students' Union President. Her Presidency ended in June 2019 and she was very lucky to become a Client Account Manager for Stonewall, the largest LGBT organisation in Europe. 

Professor Jane Harrington is Vice Chancellor of the University of Greenwich, and was recently award the 2020 South West LGBT senior champion of the year by Stonewall. This was for the work that she done as an ally; actively promoting LGBT rights, supporting colleagues at events including Pride, and always speaking up when others feel less able to do so themselves.

Find out about Meike + Jane's Big Picture Seminar.

Charlotte Melia + Christie Molgaard

CEO // Creative Director at Dazzle & Fizz.

Charlotte Melia is the founder and CEO at Dazzle & Fizz, founded in 2013.
Christie-Lee Molgaard is the Creative Director of Dazzle & Fizz.
Dazzle & Fizz specialise in immersive family events and children's parties. They create fairy-tales and bring each child's dreams to life by treating them to a very 'real' fantasy world to enjoy. 
Find out about Charlotte and Christie's Big Picture Seminar.

Peter Zilling & David Coombs

CEO // Head of Strategic Services at Cheil UK

Peter leads the culture, vision and growth of the agency. Since arriving two years ago, Cheil has seen a huge turnabout in terms of talent, direction and new clients. Peter has strong opinions on change and new agency models and has a passion for genuinely bringing technology and creativity together.
David Coombs is Head of Strategic Services at Cheil UK where he leads the development of strategy for all the agency's clients, helping to create successful and award-winning off-to-online campaigns. 
Find out about Peter & David's Big Picture Seminar.

Tove Okunniwa

CEO of London Sport

Sport is a passion for billions of people around the world and the industry that has developed around it is just as compelling as any global sporting event. Having spent the past twenty years in various aspects of Sport and specifically sport marketing, Tove discussed the evolution of the Sport as a mainstream tool in the CMO's armoury and why more and more brands are getting involved.

Ann Pettifor

Author: The Case for the Green New Deal (2019) 

Ann Pettifor is an Author, a Council Member of the Progressive Economy Forum, and director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics, (PRIME). In 2017 Jeremy Corbyn appointed her as a member of Labour's Economic Advisory Committee. Ann gave a very interesting discussion about Britain's financial system - a great public good and whether the British Government can regain control over it or if more financial crises are to come.
Find out about Ann's Big Picture Seminar.

Joe Twyman

Co-Founder and Director of Deltapoll

Joe is one of Britain's best known political pollsters who previously worked as Head of Political and Social Research at YouGov, he was also a director at the founding of the company back in 2000. Big Data is described by many as 'the next big thing' that will change the world, drawing on more than a decade of experience of working with Big Data in the world of public opinion research, Joe took an in-depth look at the subject by exploring the past, present and future of Big Data. This included a number of weird and wonderful examples to help explain everything.

Paul Rhodes

CEO & Founder of Paul Rhodes Bakery Ltd

Paul Rhodes Bakery is one of London's leading independent bakeries, supplying hand-crafted products, made with the finest ingredients, to a range of businesses around the capital. Paul shared with us his motivations and passions that helped him successfully grow the business over the past 15 years, giving insights on the hard but rewarding life of a baker and how his business in Greenwich has supplied events such as Wimbledon and Ascot.

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