We are able to offer mentors that can help students and graduates with growing their business or social enterprise.

Mentoring for the Enterprise Challenge involves working with your allocated mentee for approximately 2 months from January till the end of February. This is when mentees will be making the final submission for stage 2 of the Enterprise Challenge. Mentors will be expected to meet their mentee face-face, and then arrange to speak to them via phone call, email or face to face meetings approximately once a fortnight to help them to develop their idea. Students will need guidance on turning an idea into a viable business model and validating it through market testing.

Mentoring for #GreStartUp involves taking part in speed networking type of mentoring where you are only required to come in for one day over the weekend for 2 hours. After 10 minutes with each group you move onto the next and help participants by testing the assumptions made about the ideas they are working on. The role of the mentor is to facilitate the learning of participants that would enable them to identify areas they ought to consider as a startup entering the market.

If you are a student or graduate of the University of Greenwich interested in having this type of mentorship please email us.

If you are interested in mentoring for the our entrepreneurs please fill out expert and mentor profile form.