At the University of Greenwich, we support students and graduates that want to start a business, gain entrepreneurship skills, and solve global problems. 

We are looking for mentors to support aspiring entrepreneurs at the University of Greenwich. If you are an expert in your field, a Founder, or Alumni and have set up a business and want to share your knowledge and experience, we want to hear from you.  

Your mentoring questions answered

What kind of business ideas can I help entrepreneurs with? 

Aspiring entrepreneurs require different things depending on what stage they are at in their journey, but what they need the most is a critical friend that will test assumptions and scrutinize their business model. What we would like is a mentor that can facilitate learning, provide sound advice, and support entrepreneurs through challenging times. 

Is there any training available?    

Yes, we will provide you with training, and you can check in with us at any time.

What will I get out of it? 

We do not pay for mentoring, but there are lots of other benefits such as; personal satisfaction of giving something back, sharing your knowledge, help aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey, and knowing that you were part of it. You will also have exclusive access to our networking events and co-working space in the heart of Greenwich Village. 

What are the timescales and types of mentorship? 

The Generator offers entrepreneurs four types of mentorship. For more information about our programmes, click on the following links. GRE StartUp, Enterprise Challenge, Accelerator and SIREE mentoring.  

Depending on the type of mentorship, it can vary, and you can select this on the form. For the Enterprise Challenge, our flagship competition six weeks between January and March. The GreStart Up (boot camps) and Accelerator they have less time commitment and usually 3-hour time slots which we will provide the dates and times for.

I am an organisation and would like to sign up for my team. 

Yes, this is welcome, and we have done these before. The same rules would apply as do for individuals, and we are happy to provide regular updates on progress.  

Can I mentor remotely? 

Yes, for the Enterprise Challenge we would encourage it as long as you touch base with your mentee once a fortnight.  

Yes, I would like to sign up

If you would like to apply as a mentor, please fill in this form. If you would like to schedule a call about any of the above, please email us at with 'I would like to mentor entrepreneurs' in the subject line.