Our Partnership with Charlton Athletic

Discover the work opportunities available through our partners, Charlton Athletic Football Club (CAFC) and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT).

Top quality work opportunities

Our partnerships create high-quality employment and volunteering opportunities for University of Greenwich students. Hear from students who have taken work placements with our partners.

What is the partnership with Charlton Athletic?

We have had a successful partnership with Charlton Athletic Football Club (CAFC) and its Community Trust (CACT) for many years.

Both organisations, like ourselves, believe strongly in the power of sport.

Through our partnership, we share expertise and facilities, as well as giving students employment and research opportunities and enhancing the staff and student experience.

What job opportunities are available?

We offer many opportunities for paid and voluntary work. These include:

    • Football and multi-sports community coaching
    • Sports science and coaching internships
    • Marketing placements
    • Finance placements
    • National Citizen Service (NCS) roles
    • Teaching opportunities
    • IT roles
    • Graphic design placements
    • CAFC matchday roles, including filming opportunities, hospitality, and ticketing
    • CACT event and programme support

What are the benefits?

Work experience with Charlton Athletic Football Club and its Community Trust is a great opportunity to build experience and impress future employers.

The benefits include:

  • Flexibility: enjoy flexible part-time employment while you study.
  • Experience that prepares you for the workplace, including the recruitment process.
  • Training: you'll gain specialist knowledge in your field of study.
  • Skills: develop your skills such as communication and teamwork.
  • Contacts: make new friends and expand your professional network.
  • References: gain valuable references for future job applications.

How do I apply?

To find out how to gain work experience with Charlton Athletic Football Club and the Community Trust, email employability@greenwich.ac.uk.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust Report

A new report has shown that across Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s (CACT) programmes in South East London and Kent, a social value of £49,609,000 has been generated.

  • The partnership allowed me to work part-time and have an income whilst studying, and then to join a field where I can help young people and use the skills I learnt in my degree.

    - Kim Dixon, BSc Physical Education & Sport; Social Inclusion Coordinator, CACT

  • Having the opportunity to take a graphic design internship at Charlton Athletic FC not only gave me invaluable experience but I got my dream job out of it too!

    - Kashane Smith, BSc Digital Media Technologies

  • On the Partnership Day, I shadowed the commentary team for the Charlton vs Oxford match. The team showed me how they keep energy up across 90 minutes and engage fans. I also discovered how social media can be valuable to engage and build community throughout each match.

    - Megan Haxell, BA (Hons) Primary Education