Facilities for commuting students

To help you make the most of the time you spend on campus, we offer a range of facilities with commuter students in mind.

Comforts of home

To help you feel at home when you're on campus we provide places where you can relax, study and eat, so you don't need to bring in lunch from home.

You can spend time between lectures and library sessions in Dreadnought Building (Greenwich), The Dome (Avery Hill) and The Deep End (Medway).

They have lounge areas with comfortable seating, food and drink outlets, and power points to charge your laptops and mobile devices.

Personal lockers

You can hire a locker for the year and leave your books, study material and personal belongings in it for as long as you need to. It saves you lugging everything home with you at the end of every day.

Bike storage

If you want to cycle to university, you can park your bike on campus in our secure storage areas. We also have equipment for emergency repairs, so if you get a flat you can fix it easily.

Car parks

If you decide to drive to university, there are plenty of pay and display spaces at Avery Hill Campus. Or, you can buy a one-week or four-week ticket, depending on what works for you.

You'll need a student permit to park at Medway Campus, or you can apply for a student season ticket.

Stay connected on the move

Make the most of your commute on public transport by tuning into university life on the move.

  • You can watch your lectures again, which is handy if you need to update your lecture notes or you missed part of it.
  • You can also listen to our academics talking about important issues and their research on our podcast series.
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