Save money on your commute

There are lots of discount options to help you make your money go further, whether you're travelling around London, Kent or further afield.

Oyster photocards: Save 30%

Many people in London use Oyster cards to pay for public transport. (Oyster cards can be used in London zones 1-9.)

Students and apprentices can apply for an Oyster photocard (with your picture) and get 30% off an adult travelcard and bus and tram pass.

London Hopper (Buses)

The Hopper fare is another great way to save money on your commute. It allows you to take an unlimited number of London buses and trams in one hour for £1.50.

You just need to tap in on the last bus or tram of your journey within 60 minutes of tapping in on the first one.

This Hopper fare works with your 18+ Student Oyster photocard, regular Oyster cards and contactless payment cards.

Railcards: Save 1/3 on travel

If you plan to commute from outside London or you're based at our Medway Campus, it's worth getting a 16-25 Railcard (also known as a Young Person's Railcard) or a 26-30 Railcard. Full-time students over the age of 30 can still apply.

For £30 a year, you get one-third off most train fares throughout the UK. You'll save not just on your commute to uni, but also for days out and weekends away. It soon pays for itself.

You can also link a 16-25 Railcard to an Oyster photocard to save on pay-as-you-go fares in London.

Disabled Person's Railcard: Save 1/3 on travel

If you have a disability that makes travelling difficult, you may be entitled to a Disabled Person's Railcard.

Like the 16-25 Railcard, it gives you one-third off most train fares throughout the UK. It has the added benefit of giving the person travelling with you one-third off their adult train fare.

This railcard costs £20 a year or £54 for three years, and you can link it to an Oyster photocard to get one-third off pay-as-you-go fares in London.

Arriva buses in Kent: Save around 70%

If you plan to study at our Medway Campus, you'll benefit from our exclusive deal with Arriva buses and get around 70% off the normal student ticket price.

You'll be able to travel to the Medway Towns of Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester, Maidstone, Bluewater Shopping Centre and beyond.

Inter-campus buses: Free/subsidised travel

A free inter-campus bus between Avery Hill and Greenwich runs on weekdays until late into the evening.

There's also a university bus from Medway Campus to our London campuses during term time. It costs £6 for two journeys, £25 for 10 journeys and £43 for 20 journeys, which is a lot less than public transport.

If you're based at Medway, the inter-campus bus is a fast and cheap way to come up to London for the day.