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HE Application Journey

An online resource to guide students through the UCAS application process

Everything you need to know about UCAS applications, including a personal statement activity, to help students reflect on their skills and attributes

HE Application Journey is an interactive online tool to help your students prepare their UCAS applications.

A time-line illustrates the stages of the UCAS application process with useful signposts, hints and tips.

The resource is packed with information and activities to help students research universities and courses, as well as prepare for Open Days.

A useful personal statement tool helps students kick-start writing their personal statement with bite-sized activities that can used in the classroom or individually.

The resource can be accessed through our HE Application Journey Support Moodle Direct page. Please note, students will need to create an account with their email address to access this page.

HE Application Journey is a great resource to use in your sixth form tutorials. I got all my students to sign up for a personal account so they could complete the activities at home.


Careers Strategy

The Government's Careers Strategy uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to set out a range of requirements that schools and colleges must meet. We have matched all of our activities to these, and this activity can support you with meeting benchmark 1 and 2.

Booking information

Year 12 and 13 students and students in FE1 and FE2 can register to use this resource individually.