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Our resources can be used by teachers and careers advisors in the classroom.

HE Application Journey

An online resource to guide students through the UCAS application process

Independent Learners' Toolkit

Explore our virtual university campus to find out what university life is like

Personal Development Planner

A career-planning workbook for teachers and careers advisors to use in the classroom

Planning My Future

An online career-planning resource designed to help students plan and prepare for their future careers

Other Online Resources

Pre-recorded HE and GREat Skills Workshops

We have pre-recorded video versions of our HE workshops and GREat Skills workshops all now available, as well as PDF versions of each presentation and any accompanying resources. These can be helpful for reference for further information for students once they have completed one of our workshops and can also be a useful resource for you to utilise to support your students if we are unable to deliver our workshops in your school or college.

To access these resources, students and teachers will need to register their individual interest in the category of resources they would like access to, after which they will receive direct links to our HE or GREat Skills workshops, or both, depending on the categories they have selected.

Student Starter Pack Videos

Our Student Starter Pack includes short 60 second videos from a range of current University of Greenwich students. Topics in the videos provide an insight into the courses students' study, elements of university life and student experience.

To access these videos, please see our Moodle Direct HE Application Support page.

Twilight Podcast Series

We have recorded a number of Twilight Podcasts which are similar to our Twilight Lecture series and are designed to complement the A-Level syllabus. We have recorded versions of  the following topics:

  • 20th Century American Playwrights- Dr Harry Derbyshire
  • Acute Care- Dr Terry Ferns
  • Cardiovascular Medicine- Dr Abigail Rickard
  • The Globalisation of Finance- Jeff Powell
  • The Human Geography of Darkness- Dr Vanessa Taylor (Please note, we no longer offer the BA Human Geography programme mentioned in this podcast)
  • When your intersectionality goes against you- Dr Louise Owusu-Kwarteng

To access these recordings, please see our Moodle Direct HE Application Support page.

Please get in touch with us using the form below if you have any questions about any of our resources.