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Planning My Future

An online career-planning resource designed to help students plan and prepare for their future careers

Planning My Future is an online career-planning course that encourages students to reflect on their skills and abilities in order to identify a pathway to their career. Using the examples of four characters at different stages of education, students are invited to examine a range of different pathways that lead to higher education and their careers.

Students are asked to reflect on their skills and abilities and how these will impact on their future careers. This engaging resource can be used as a stand-alone activity for individuals to use or in the classroom to support the delivery of PSHE or CEIAG.

The resource can be accessed through our HE Application Journey Support Moodle Direct page. Please note, students will need to create an account with their email address to access this page.

My favourite part of the course was when we found out what our strengths were, and how we could improve on our skills to get a job


The bit that I liked the most about it was the videos. They were really helpful and gave me a pathway towards what I want to do


Careers Strategy

The Government's Careers Strategy uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to set out a range of requirements that schools and colleges must meet. We have matched all of our activities to these, and this activity can support you with meeting benchmark 1 and 2.

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Year 10, 11 and 12students can register to use this resource individually.