GREFest 2021

GREFest is our induction programme for new and continuing students. This year we are focusing on getting you ready to study wherever your are, whether it's online or on campus.

GREFest is our festival of learning. This year it has been expanded and is packed full of wellbeing, study skills and online support events to help you succeed at university. Whether you’re a new starter or joining us for your final year, there was something for everyone, and you can still catch up with our festival recordings..

This was absolutely brilliant! I'm so glad even though it's online a lot of fun can be still be had.

GREFest recordings

The festival may be over but all the highlights are still available here (login required)

News and Articles about GREFest

GREFest Welcome Video

Find out more about GREFest and what you will learn in each of our sessions.