Legal Advice Centre

Legal advice

If you have a non-urgent legal issue and need some initial advice, you can request an appointment for one of our free online advice sessions.

The sessions are intended to provided information and advice in order to help resolve or progress your legal dispute.

The sorts of cases that we often deal with include, unfair dismissal, discrimination, unpaid wages and child contact disputes. If you are eligible for legal aid then we will refer you to local solicitors.

Areas we cover

The broad areas we cover are:

  • Employment law
  • Family law
  • Personal Injury (accident cases)

The clinic seeks to provide practical legal experience for our law students and to offer a professional service to clients with legal problems.

However, we do reserve the right to decline any cases that are not considered educationally beneficial to our students. This decision is made by members of teaching staff who are qualified lawyers employed in the clinic. Whether or not your case has educational benefit has little bearing on the merits of your legal claim. Examples of reasons  we may turn down cases include that the case is overly complex or the deadline is too close.

Circumstances where we cannot advise you

There are circumstances where we cannot advise you. These include:

  • Where a case is outside the remit of our stated competence. E.g. criminal, debt, wills and probate
  • Where there is a conflict of interest
  • Where the case is urgent
  • A dispute against the University of Greenwich, its Governors, employees and students
  • Providing representation in court proceedings

When we cannot advise you, we will provide referral information to other sources of help.