In the university's Equal and diversity policy statement, it states that the university is committed to a programme of action to change unfair and discriminatory practices wherever they occur.

It is also committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for work and study in which all individuals have the opportunity to contribute to their full potential."

Below are links to policies and initiatives within the university that have an impact on LGBT matters in the workplace.

Members of staff who have same-sex partners are entitled to a range of benefits, including those listed below.

Any LGBT+ member of the University community who would like to discuss an issue related to sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace can contact a member of the Network.

Additionally, other staff and tutors are also welcome to contact a member of the Network, to discuss LGBT matters that may impact on their work or interaction with colleagues or students. To find out more about supporting LGBT colleagues and the critical role you can play in creating a gay-friendly workplace, see Stonewall's 'Straight Allies' guide.

The LGBT+ Staff Network have put together a guide for managers - 'Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Staff at Work' which identifies the types of behaviours that can constitute anti-gay bullying, as well as steps that you as managers can take to tackle this."