Quality and standards

  • Student regulations, policies and procedures - Regulations and policies governing the wider student experience.
  • Academic regulations - Regulations governing academic study including withdrawing and interrupting, academic appeals and change in programme.
  • Academic Quality Unit - The work of the AQU encompasses all of the key institutional and local-level quality and standards activities. As part of its activities, the AQU supports academic staff in the Faculties and Partners to enhance the quality of learning and teaching. On the AQU pages you can find out how to use University systems to approve, review and change courses and programmes and how the university manages its academic standards.

Key information and documents for the annual monitoring of programmes can be found on the academic quality unit webpages:

  • Exemplar format for recording Programme Committees  
  • Standardised agenda items in Programme Committees 
  • Student representation on Programme Committee meetings
  • The process for reporting for student feedback into the University
  • Approval of courses and programmes 
  • Monitoring 
  • New Programme Development procedure
  • Periodic programme review 
  • Programme monitoring report
  • Key host school contacts for quality and assurance
  • Clarifying the university's expectation of gathering student feedback in Programme Committees
  • Student access to programme specifications
  • The University of Greenwich's expectations of PC student engagement in QA processes