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UK Partner College Staff Guidance

Request an affiliate account

If you are working with us (and are not a member of University of Greenwich staff) you can apply for a University of Greenwich Affiliate Account (ARMS account)

Teaching and Learning

The university prides itself on its high standards and aspirations in its teaching and learning procedures.

Staff development

Partner College teaching staff are entitled to participate in some staff development programmes at the university. For more information please contact

University staff development opportunities
Staff development offered by the university staff development team.

Sharing best practice

The sharing of good practice across the Partner College Network is an important means of raising standards in programmes delivered by partners.


Student regulations, policies and procedures for academic assessment, including plagiarism.

Student regulations, policies and procedures
Regulations, policies and procedures which include students' academic experience and wider university life.

Plagiarism (page 94) 
University Academic Regulations governing plagiarism.

Moodle and Turnitin
Materials and information on Moodle, Turnitin and the portal.

QA and franchised student entitlement

This information is intended for staff in partner colleges to help guide QA and franchised students on what services are available.

The information in this section applies to University of Greenwich registered students only.

Please refer to the relevant college information systems for information about directly funded students.

Financial support for students

Find out about financial help students can access in the new HE landscape.

The advice and guidance on fees provided under the links below are relevant to Partner College Students only.

Partner QA students should be referred to their relevant College websites.

Student finance and financial support
Advice and rates for tuition fees, bursaries and scholarships and other financial support available to current students.

Access to Learning Fund
Additional support to UK full-time or part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students facing financial difficulties.

Bursaries and scholarships
Bursaries supplement primary sources of funding and are usually non-repayable.

Help and support for students

It is important that you know where you can turn for help and advice while you are at university

Student ID card
To access library services and computing accounts, you will need to have a student ID card.

Students' Union
The Students' Union is at the heart of student life at the University of Greenwich.

Student's Union in colleges
Advice from the NUS on setting up a student union body in a college.

Disability and dyslexia

Support for students with disabilities and students from 'hard-to-reach' groups.

Disability and dyslexia centre services
Information, guidance and support for disabled students.

*AccessAbility Project
Our *AccessAbility ambassadors provide first-hand experience of the achievements and challenges of university life.

Fast Track

Fast Track Admissions service for Partner College students progressing onto their next programme without the need to complete an application form.