Anne-Marie Coles

Dr Anne-Marie Coles BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Anne-Marie Coles
BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in strategic management

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Faculty of Business

Anne-Marie Coles joined the University of Greenwich Business School in April 2009 and has been actively involved in developing research activities in the area of innovation. She was a founder member of the Sustainability, Technology & Innovation Research Group (STIR), has organised regular research seminars and workshops, and has been a mentor to early career researchers and staff enrolled on the EdD.

Anne-Marie has been concerned with building the academic reputation of STIR through the support of a network of external associates, and participation in conferences, seminars and participation in research networks such as the Sustainable Technologies Research Network (STRN).

Before joining Greenwich she was a research fellow and subsequently research lecturer at Brunel University Business School. At Brunel was Anne-Marie was employed as a university-funded research fellow with responsibility for developing the school's research activities in the field of innovation. She participated in a bid to establish a new research centre – Brunel Research in Enterprise, Innovation, Sustainability and Ethics (BRESE) – and was asked to focus the development work on issues of sustainable innovation and ethics.

In collaboration with other staff members, Anne-Marie was successful in gaining funding and setting up five projects while in this post, including a project funded by the ESRC Sustainable Technologies Programme. This project, entitled Sustainable technology transition through innovation network reconfiguration – dematerialising the 'printed paper text', was in undertaken in collaboration with Professor Fred Steward, Policy Studies Unit, Westminster University and Dr Ruth McNally, Anglia Ruskin University.

  • Leader of the Sustainability, Technology & Innovation Research Group (STIR)
  • Member of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)

Anne-Marie's research spans both innovation and technology studies and is concerned with the generation of new artefacts and their subsequent diffusion. The underlying intellectual approach is informed by the need to understand the complexity of dynamic processes involved in technological change throughout the lifecycle of an innovation. Reflecting on the socially embedded nature of technology, her analytical approach is to identify the heterogeneous socio-technical networks associated with change.

Specific themes include:

  • Non-linear socio-technical path creation: identifying strategic innovation discourses, and intersecting technological trajectories
  • Aspects of consensus and conflict in social acceptance of new technologies
  • Factors affecting the development and adoption of sustainable technologies: including the current pattern of micro-generation use in London
  • The potential for a UK solar farm sector to contribute to the development of the European Supergrid
  • Fuel cell innovation
  • Sustainability issues for printed paper
  • Knowledge-based small firms: the role of small firms in transfer and embedding traditional Chinese medicine practices in the UK
  • Innovation in creative sectors (CAD use by freelance designers, IT use by small music firms)
  • Small firms in collaborative innovation networks and their role in promoting fair trade and social enterprise.

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