Dr Hanif Malekpoor PhD, MSc

Research Fellow

Dr Malekpoor has started as an NUSC Research Fellow since 2019. Before joining Greenwich, he worked as Senior Research Associate at the University of Hull, Logistics Institute. His research is focused on transportation, logistics and supply chain operations. Actively in

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Research / Scholarly interests

Multimodal freight transport facilitation - GHG emissions reduction - Operational and tactical transport planning - Supply Chain collaborations - Application of Optimization and Multi criteria decision making techniques in real-life problems

Key funded projects

Developer and researcher, LHOFT (Liverpool-Humber Optimization of Freight Transport), Funded by Innovate UK, 2018-2020, value: £1.5 million Co-investigator,

Use of Autonomous Vehicles for parts and tools delivery, funded by CATAPULT Offshore Renewable Energy, 2018, Value: £25385 Research Assistant, project TILOS (Horizon 2020 Low Carbon Energy Local/small-scale storage LCE-08-2014)

Recent publications

Chalvatzis, K.J., Malekpoor, H., Mishra, N., Lettice, F. and Choudhary, S., 2019. Sustainable resource allocation for power generation: The role of big data in enabling interindustry architectural innovation. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 144, pp.381-393.

Malekpoor, H., Chalvatzis, K., Mishra, N. and Ramudhin, A., 2019. A hybrid approach of VIKOR and bi-objective integer linear programming for electrification planning in a disaster relief camp. Annals of Operations Research, 283(1-2), pp.443-469.

Batista, L., Dora, M., Toth, J., Molnár, A., Malekpoor, H. and Kumari, S., 2019. Knowledge management for food supply chain synergies–A maturity level analysis of SME companies. Production Planning & Control, 30(10-12), pp.995-1004.

Singh, A., Kumari, S., Malekpoor, H. and Mishra, N., 2018. Big data cloud computing framework for low carbon supplier selection in the beef supply chain. Journal of cleaner production, 202, pp.139-149.

Malekpoor, H., Chalvatzis, K., Mishra, N., Mehlawat, M.K., Zafirakis, D. and Song, M., 2018. Integrated grey relational analysis and multi objective grey linear programming for sustainable electricity generation planning. Annals of Operations Research, 269(1-2), pp.475-503.

Malekpoor, H., Mishra, N. and Kumar, S., 2018. A novel TOPSIS–CBR goal programming approach to sustainable healthcare treatment. Annals of Operations Research, pp.1-23.