Dr Ian Clarke BSc, MSc and PhD

Senior Lecturer Innovation and Enterprise

Ian Clarke joined the University of Greenwich Business School in January 2010. He completed his PhD from Brunel University in 2011. 

Since joining Greenwich Ian has been an active member of the Sustainability, Technology and Innovation Research Group (STIR). His research interests centre around innovation and sustainability, including sustainable transport options such as electric vehicles and urban tramways. 

As a module leader and lecturer Ian is involved in courses at Greenwich concerning small business, innovation and sustainability.

Responsibilities within the university

Member of the Sustainability, Technology and Innovation Research (STIR) research group.

This group is a part of the PEGFA (Institute of Political Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountability) research centre at the university.

Module leader

Small Business Development (third year undergraduate and international course)

Module tutor

Innovation in Action, Sustainability in Business, Personal and Professional Development

Research / Scholarly interests

    Ian's research interests have centred around innovation; particularly, although not exclusively, as it has related to sustainability initiatives. Related to this theme Ian has been involved in research projects in the following areas:

    • Electric vehicles: technological and business model developments, particularly in relation to range anxiety (small research grant obtained from British Academy / SAMS for this work).
    • Intermediary organisations: their conceptualisation and specific roles in innovation processes.
    • Tramways and urban sustainability: examining the re-emergence of tramways from a historical and comparative perspective.

Recent publications

Ramirez, M, Clarke, I and Klerkx, L (2017) Analysing intermediary organisations and their influence on upgrading in emerging agricultural clusters Environment and Planning A (DOI: 10.1177/0308518X17741316) ( ABS 4*)

Clarke I, Ramirez M (2014) "Intermediaries and capability building in 'emerging' clusters" Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 32(4) 714 – 730 ( ABS 3*)

Clarke, I (2016) 'Range anxiety and Electric Vehicles: 'battery swapping' as an example of technological and business model experimentation' Conference paper (peer reviewed) presented at the SPRU 50th Anniversary Conference (University of Sussex, Sept 2016).

Clarke, I,  Ramirez, M et al (2015) Learning in Developing Economy Clusters: Comparing the Roles of Private and Non-Profit Intermediaries (Conference paper presented at SASE International Conference, London School of Economics, July 2015)

Clarke, I (2011) Learning in Developing Economy Clusters; The Role of Intermediary Organisations PhD Brunel Business School, University of Brunel