Qijun Zhou PhD, MSc, BSc

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Qijun Zhou

Qijun Zhou

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Dr Qijun Zhou holds a BSc in economics from Wuhan University of Technology, MSc and PhD in Management at University of Glasgow; worked as a Post-doc research at University of Glasgow focusing on business model and ecosystem analysis for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs); actively engaged in innovative teaching and research methods, covering subject areas of innovation ecosystem, new product development, strategy and decision making. Institution of Leadership and Management (ILM) level 2 Awards in Leadership and Team Skills.

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching covering operations and supply chain management, project management, business planning and strategy management. Also involved in dissertation supervision for MA and MBA students.

Research / Scholarly interests

My research broadly focuses on new product development, innovation ecosystems, ambidextrous organisations, and supply chain finance. I am also interested in exploring theories and assumptions in organisations and management studies. My current theoretical interest lies in responsible innovation, agency theory in supply chain and institutional theory in social care setting.

Recent publications

Journal Publication

  • Dekkers, R., de Boer, R., Gelsomino, L.M., de Goeij, C., Steeman, M., Zhou, Q., Sinclair, S. and Souter, V. (2020) Evaluating theoretical conceptualisations for supply chain and finance integration: A Scottish focus group. International Journal of Production Economics, 220.

Conference items

  • Zhou, Q., Dekkers, R. and Chia, R. (2018) How Ambidextrous Are They Actually? An Empirical Test of Exploration and Exploitation as Innovation Capabilities Using Data Envelopment Analysis. 25th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, Porto, Portugal, 10-13 June 2018
  • Koukou, M.I., Dekkers, R., Aldossary, M.A. and Zhou, Q. (2017) QPQ: A Simulation Game for Operations Management Students. In: 24th International Conference on Production Research, Poznan, Poland, 30 Jul - 3 August 2017
  • Zhou, Q., Dekkers, R. and Chia, R. (2016) Exploration and Exploitation: Separable? A Critical Study of This Assumption in the Context of Innovation Management. In: R&D Management Conference 2016, Cambridge, UK, 3-7 July 2016


  • “A Systematic Review on Exploration and Exploitation in the Context of Innovation Management,” [Systematic] Literature Review Workshop, Glasgow Caledonian University, 21/05/2019
  • “Managing Innovation Towards the ‘Best-practice’ Frontier”. Moving at the frontier of Innovation, Clinic for Centre for engineering Education and Development (CeeD), 13/02/2019
  • “Management Fashion: Are We Taken Things for Granted? --The Case of Exploration versus Exploitation and Open Innovation” Think Tank Session, Forum Innovation VII, 06/07/2016