Tina Šegota

Dr Tina Šegota BCommSc, PhD, PGCert HE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications

Key details

Dr Tina Šegota
BCommSc, PhD, PGCert HE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications

Dr Tina Šegota is Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Greenwich. She is a multi-award winning academic with research and teaching experience in marketing and tourism worldwide. Tina holds a doctoral degree and a Bachelor of Communication Science in Marketing Communications from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, and has been actively working towards completion of doctoral studies in Tourism at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. Her research relates to tourism marketing and advertising, and sustainability and quality of life in tourism destinations. She has received several national and international awards, including the Emerald Literati Award, the Best Paper Awards for her publications, and she was shortlisted as the Supervisor of the Year for her continuous support of students at the University of Greenwich.

Dr Tina Šegota joined the University of Greenwich as a Lecturer in 2017 and was appointed Senior Lecturer in 2019. Prior to joining the University of Greenwich, she had been involved in both teaching and research at the University of Ljubljana, which followed a period working with different international brands in roles as director of marketing and PR account executive.

Responsibilities within the university

Dr Šegota is involved in both marketing and tourism courses and has been teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has been supervising students in the completion of their undergraduate and postgraduate thesis. Her dissertation students have been awarded Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement and the DM Trust Derek Holder Dissertation Prize for best dissertation in the area of data-driven and digital marketing (Nynke Dijkstra, 2019, dissertation title: The impact of behavioral targeted advertisements on consumers' online shopping behavior).


* Emerald Literati Award for Outstanding Reviewer for the International Journal of Tourism Cities (2019)
* Supervisor of the Year Award (shortlisted), Student-Led Teaching Awards, University of Greenwich (2019)
* Best Paper Award by the Journal of Destination Marketing and Management (2018)
* Emerging Scholar Award by the Tourism and Leisure Society (2018)
* Outstanding Reviewer Award in the track of Sports and Leisure Marketing, ANZMAC Conference (2017)
* Best Paper Award sponsored by the Tourism Economics journal received at the 4th PhD conference of International Association of Tourism Economics, Bournemouth University, UK (2015)
* Honorary Scholarship for Doctoral Students Awardee, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia (2010)


Dr Šegota is theme editor for the International Journal of Tourism Cities, with a special interest in quality of life in tourism cities. As well as serving as theme editor, Dr Šegota has been a guest co-editor for the Special Issue on Sport and Tourism Cities in the journal.

Dr Šegota also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality and is a regular reviewer for a number of peer-review journals including some high category tourism and hospitality journals and conferences. She has been invited to present her research and discuss issues in tourism and hospitality as an invited presenter or panel member in China, Slovenia, and Turkey. Over the years, she has been teaching at numerous universities in Europe and China.

Research / Scholarly interests

Research / Scholarly interest
Dr Tina Šegota's current research interests include the impact of advertising on tourist destination choice, the impact of seasonality on residents' quality of life in tourism communities, resident engagement in place branding via social media and smart tourism destinations.

Dr Šegota is a member of the University of Greenwich Tourism Research Center and an affiliate member of the University's Marketing Research Group. She has publications in reputable peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, co-edited special issue, conference reviews, book reviews, conference proceedings, and technical reports. Her research has been published in leading journals in tourism and hospitality such as Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, and by UNWTO.

She has been a successful recipient of collaborative interdisciplinary research grants and worked closely with industry partners such as the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia, the Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the DM Trust Fund, the EQUA brand, and other academic institutions in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. She disseminates her research findings at national and international conferences, workshops, and seminars.

MPhil/PhD supervision

Dr Šegota is available for supervision of both marketing and tourism doctoral students. Proposed research areas are the following (but not limited to):

* Marketing: green marketing, advertising and imagery, consumer behavior, sustainable consumption, self-congruity, brand identity, place branding.

* Tourism: sustainable tourism development, seasonality, quality of life, smart cities, film-induced tourism, overtourism, place attachment, tourism marketing and advertising, destination branding.

Dr Šegota currently supervises the following MPhil/PhD students:
Tourism: Sofia Lachhab
Marketing: Sherry S. Yousefi

Key funded projects

Exploring digital vulnerability and empowerment amongst senior travelers, 2019-2020

Project co-investigators: Dr Hyunsun Catherine Yoon (lead), University of Greenwich
Funder: DM Trust, with a value of ≈ £20,000

This 12-month project aims to explore older consumers' experiences of direct marketing practices in the context of tourism. By adopting qualitative research method of focus groups with older consumers (60+) in Greater London, the aim is to get an insight about digital vulnerability and empowerment among older consumers, with a special reference to traveling.

Production of a Western Balkans Tourism Policy Assessment and Recommendations Report, 2019

Project co-investigators: Dr James Kennell (lead), Dr Samantha Chaperon, and Dr Alastair Morrison, University of Greenwich
Funder: Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a value of ≈ €20,000

This project aims to produce international quality and academically-rigorous, report on the barriers to successful tourism policy development in the Western Balkans Six (WB6) countries.

SHARE - Sustainable approach to cultural Heritage for the urban Areas Requalification in Europe, 2018-2020

Project co-investigators: Dr Andres Coca-Stefaniak (lead) and Dr Raymond Powell, University of Greenwich

Partners: University of Greenwich (UK), Sviluppumbria Spa (Italy) (lead), City of Šibenik (Croatia), Pannon EGTC (Hungary), North-East Regional Development Agency (Romania), Regional Government of Extremadura (Spain), The County Administrative Board of Östergötland (Sweden)
Funder: Interreg Europe, with a value of ≈ €1.4 million

SHARE is a four-year project with aims at exchanging experiences in cultural heritage policies in urban settings, to identify best practices and innovative methods to develop a sustainable and smart approach to its management and use. The project started in 2017, and it targets ways in which smart cities projects can be effectively improved by including a smart and sustainable agenda for cultural assets in urban centers. Dr Šegota joined the project in 2018, with the responsibility to mentor various project partners in implementing their local action plans and measuring the impact of these actions on the local policy changes.

Read more about the project here: https://www.gre.ac.uk/about-us/news/articles/2017/a3843-2-share