Dr David Evans RNT, BA Hons, PGCert, PGDip, PGCE, MPhil, EdD

Professor in Sexualities and Genders: Health & Well-Being

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Dr David Evans

Dr David T Evans
RNT, BA Hons, PGCert, PGDip, PGCE, MPhil, EdD

Professor in Sexualities and Genders: Health & Well-Being

Prof David Evans, OBE, is a National Teaching Fellow, a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Professor in the teaching and learning pathway, in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Greenwich.

David has been facilitating sexual health and HIV learning at various universities, colleges of nursing and departments of health and social care, since 1990. He is a registered nurse, with clinical experience in HIV client care; he is also a former Roman Catholic priest.

David has achieved a number of significant projects, one as Professional Nursing Advisor (Sexual Health) at the Royal College of Nursing. He developed and project-led a successful nationwide e-learning course 'Sexual Health Skills', for nurses, midwives and allied health professions. He formally joined the University of Greenwich in 2011, still leading on the sexual health skills e-learning course that was originally developed at the Royal College of Nursing. He has since developed other e-learning and blended learning sexual health courses, including at bachelor and masters' levels, and 3 courses on the "top up" MA in Health Care Practice.

David is one of three authors of the 'Sexual and Reproductive Health for Mental Health Professionals' free e-learning course at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (www.scie.org.uk), which achieved finalist status in UK Sexual Health Awards 2012 and commended in the Chief Nursing Officer's Bulletin to NHS England. In 2014, he was awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy for excellence in teaching (https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/person/dr-david-t-evans), followed by appointment as OBE, by Her Majesty The Queen (2017) "for services to nursing and sexual health education", and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2018.

David teaches across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including supervising and examining doctoral candidates. David's post also includes numerous enterprise initiatives, liaising with nursing, medical and third-sector organisations to increase collaboration and credit rating opportunities, for the enhancement of student-learning potential.

His main areas of teaching and research include: sexualities and gender epistemologies; sexual health learning and education; diversity and anti-discrimination; holistic and specific dimensions of sexual health relevant to pre-registration and post-registration programmes.

Posts held previously:

  • 1998–2011, Educational consultant in sexual health and HIV Trainer, London Boroughs (various); Trainer for Project for Advocacy, Counselling and Education (PACE) and other (various) organisations, London
  • 2000–08, Professional Nursing Advisor (sexual health and HIV); Developer/Project lead/Principal author of e-Learning course, Royal College of Nursing
  • 1993-98, Senior Lecturer in Sexual Health (counselling), Thames Valley University/North West Thames Regional AIDS Education Unit

A fuller CV – with publications and conference presentations - is available at https://davidtevans.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/davids-qualifications/

ORCID ID: www.orcid.org/0000-0001-6874-3845

Responsibilities within the university


  • 2018, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • 2017, Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, "for services to nursing and sexual health education"
  • 2014, National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy: Achievement for excellence in teaching
  • 2016, Vice Chancellor's Award Finalist, staff member of the year category
  • 2012 UK Sexual Health Awards, co-finalist for Sexual, Reproductive and Mental Health free e-learning course



  • Association of National Teaching Fellows
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Royal College of Nursing: numerous voluntary advisory roles since 2000

Editorial reviews:

  • On-going peer reviewer of sexual health articles for the Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2003–
  • Reviewer for Journal of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare, 2011 –
  • Reviewer for Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2011 –
  • Reviewer for Journal of Mental Health, 2011 -
  • Reviewer for Journal of Ethnicity and Health, 2017 -


  • Examined masters theses for the Universities of Auckland (MNurs by research, NZ) and Brighton (MRes, UK)
  • Doctoral examiner for PhDs at the Universities of Wolverhampton, Hull, Kings College London, Surrey
  • External moderator for the credit rated courses of BASHH: the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV
  • Panel judge for the annual UK Sexual Health Awards

Research / Scholarly interests

David's research interests include sexual health education for nursing and healthcare practice; resilience in LGB&T+ youth; masturbation as a prophylactic against prostate cancer; and social representations of HIV and AIDS. 

David is also actively involved in the supervisor of research with 6+ doctoral candidates (2 successfully completed; 6 continuing), covering areas such as spirituality in mental health nursing education; sex and relationship education for parents in Malta; the role of the Internet in negotiating gay identities in young people; analysis of national child sexual exploitation policy in relations to young males in commercial sex transactions; education for health visitors' professional roles in relation to domestic violence and abuse; midwifery transitions, from students to registered professionals; perinatal mental health and newly qualified midwives.


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