John Crowley

John Crowley RGN, RMN, BA Hons, BSc Hons, MSc, PhD

John Crowley

John J Crowley
RGN, RMN, BA Hons, BSc Hons, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing

Department of Family Care and Mental Health

Faculty of Education and Health

John Crowley is a Senior Lecturer for Mental Health Nursing in the Department of Family Care & Mental Health at the University of Greenwich.

He joined the university in May 2004, having key responsibility as course coordinator and lecturer on both pre-registration and post-registration courses. He is also a Personal tutor, BSc/MSc/PhD research supervisor and Link tutor.

John's area of specialist teaching include structured family work for psychosis and psychosocial interventions. Further interests are carer involvement in medication management and mental health act and service user experiences.

Posts held previously:

  • 2000-04, Community Mental Health Team Manager, Oxleas NHS Trust
  • 1996-99, Community Mental Health Nurse, Oxleas NHS Trust
  • 1992-96, House husband, self-employed in audit, research and consultancy work
  • 1987-92, Ward Manager, In-patient acute mental health, Greenwich Health Care
  • 1985-87, Staff Nurse, Acute Mental Health admission ward, Greenwich
  • 1984-85, Full-time carer for terminally ill family member
  • 1982-84, Student mental health nurse, St Margaret's Hospital, Epping Essex
  • 1976-82, Nursing student and staff nurse, Adult surgical ward: Lewisham Hospital
  • 1972-76, Royal Navy
  • Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing, Department of Family Care & Mental Health
  • Course coordinator and lecturer on the pre-registration and post-registration programme
  • Supervises BSc/MSc/PhD research projects
  • Link tutor
  • Personal tutor
  • Royal College of Nursing research society
  • Thorn National Steering Group
  • Governor of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
  • School Governor of St Paul's Academy

John's PhD programme action research study was on enabling carers of patients with long term mental health problems to administer depot injections. He is also interested in methods of Motivational Interviewing.

Crowley, J. (2015). A Guiding Framework – family/supportive person administration of prescribed antipsychotic depot injection within mental health. Gala: University of Greenwich [online].

Crowley, J. (2014). Enabling Carers to administer Depot Injection: an action research study. PhD. Gala: University of Greenwich [online].

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Crowley, J. (2008). Measure of Esteem: Administration of depot and long-acting antipsychotic injections. Mental Health practice essential guide. Mental Health Practice, 12(2).

Crowley, J. (2006). Service user's access to and use of information technology: a survey of mental health service users in a south London Borough. Mental Health Practice, 9(6), pp. 36-38.

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Crowley, J. (2016) Enabling Carers/Supportive persons to give depot injections. RCN International Research Conference, April, Edinburgh.

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