Dr Paul Newton BA (Hons), PG Cert HE, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology Applied to Health and Illness and PhD Programme Leader – Health Sciences

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Paul Newton

Dr Paul Newton

Associate Professor of Sociology Applied to Health and Illness and PhD Programme Leader – Health Sciences

Dr Paul Newton is Associate Professor of Sociology Applied to Health and Illness in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Greenwich And Programme Leader for the PhD in Health Sciences.  Paul has over 18 years' experience as a social and public health researcher, and his research relates mainly to the management of chronic conditions; experiences of health and illness; and the healthcare workforce.

He completed his MSc at the London School of Economics and attained his PhD in Sociology Applied to Healthcare from King's College London. His current teaching relates mainly to public health, the sociology of health and illness and research methods - he also currently supervises a number of PhD students mainly on the topic of experiences of health and illness.

Previously held positions:

  • 2016/2019, Research Lead, University of Greenwich
  • 2011/16, Research Fellow, University of Greenwich
  • 2006/10, Research Associate, Kings College London
  • 2004/06, Lecturer/Researcher, City University

Responsibilities within the university

Paul is Associate Professor of Sociology Applied to Health and Illness in the School of Health Sciences. He is Programme Leader for the PhD in Health Sciences; and Module Leader for the research modules on the MSc Advanced Practice. He is a member of the Faculty Research Degrees Committee, the Faculty Research Ethics Committee and the School Research Ethics Panel. He is also an active member of the Centre for Ageing and Chronic Illness and the Centre for Inequalities.


Paul is a member of several national and international groups such as Health Education England's Dementia Friendly Dentistry Group (in recognition of his work in oral pain and dementia), the International Network of Academic Institutions in Romani Studies and The Roma Health Network (in recognition of his work on the health of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities).  Paul also a peer reviewer for numerous health and social science journals as well as for the National Institute of Health Research. Paul's recent research on oral pain in people living with dementia has recently received. Recent awards include:

  • Recognition of Excellence Award, Institute of Integrated Care: Research into identifying and managing oral pain and discomfort in people living with dementia
  • British Dental Association's Annual Community Dental Services Conference: Research into identifying and managing oral pain and discomfort in people living with dementia
  • Paul has twice been voted 'Supervisor of the Year' in the Student Led Teaching Awards.

Research / Scholarly interests

Paul's areas of expertise are experiences of health and illness - in particular the management of chronic conditions; the perceptions and experiences of healthcare professionals, as well as health and social care workforce research. He is particularly interested in: the self-management of chronic illness; patients' experiences living with illness; as well as information and help-seeking behaviour.

Other research areas he has published in include applying social theory to chronic and disabling conditions; pain, dementia; oral health; patient-centred care as well as patient empowerment in Type 2 Diabetes and other long term conditions.

Paul has a strong track record in health and social care workforce research including medical, dental, nursing, paramedicine; social work; auxiliary workforce issues, as well as interprofessional working.

More recently Paul has undertaken research looking at health and illness experiences in minority ethnic groups including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller groups as well as London's Bangladeshi and wider Muslim community.

Although primarily a qualitative researcher, Paul also specialises in mixed-methods studies and the evaluation of health interventions and consultations. Paul is skilled in developing high quality project proposals for submission to external funding streams; setting up, managing and delivering projects and disseminating research through a number of channels, such as peer reviewed journal papers, reports, books and presentations at national and international workshops, seminars and conferences.

Key funded projects

Bowel & Cancer Research – 2019 - Exploring Experiences of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) amongst Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Patients: A Mixed-Method Scoping Study

South London Hospices Education Collaborative – 2017 - Evaluation of 'Rotational Post: End of Life Care, Cancer and Care of the Elderly' Project

Greenwich Research and Enterprise Investment Grant – 2017 - Altered pain perception in chronic fatigue syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Health Education England – 2017 - Developing and delivering a health and wellbeing programme for pre-registration, non-medical healthcare students at the University of Greenwich: A mixed-method PhD study

Greenwich Research and Enterprise Investment Grant – 2017 - An exploratory study of paramedics' perceptions and experiences of recognising, assessing and managing pelvic injuries in pre-hospital situations

Nursing and Midwifery Council - 2016 - The progress and outcomes of black and minority ethnic nurses through the NMC Fitness to Practise Process

Greenwich Research and Enterprise Grant – 2016 - A qualitative study of information seeking and use amongst women who have self-identified as problematic drinkers

Health Education North, Central and East London -2015 - An evaluation of the Mental Health Worker Programme

Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex – 2015 -The identification and management of oral pain and discomfort in people living with dementia: A mixed-method sequential-explanatory study

Health Education England – 2014 - Educators' and trainees' experiences of postgraduate medical in two regions

Greenwich Research and Enterprise Grant – 2014 - Barriers and facilitators to the uptake of childhood immunisation in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities

South East London Health Innovation and Education Cluster – 2013 - Improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of organisations that provide assessment and intervention to people who have a diagnosis of dementia

NHS London – 2012 - Newly-qualified nurses' readiness for work

NHS Kent and Medway – 2013 - Analysis of a Consultation on Acute Mental Health Crisis Care in Kent

East and Coastal Kent Foundation Trust – 2012 - East Kent Maternity Services Review

Recent publications


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Dalton-O'Connor, Ann , Newton, Paul, Smith, David, Paul Newton (2018), Evaluation of the ‘Rotational Post - End of Life Care, Cancer Care and Care of the Elderly’ Project. Greenwich and Bexley Hospice. In: , , , . Greenwich and Bexley Hospice, (doi: ).

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