Mike Sharp

Mr Mike Sharp NTF, FHEA

Teaching Fellow

Mr Mike Sharp obtained his Bachelor of Education at the University of London Institute of Education in 1980 before embarking on a History of Technology course at Imperial College London. He joined the University of Greenwich in 1985 in the School of Education and ran the Design Technology department in the 1990’s until he was seconded to Engineering in 1999. Mike progressed to become the Head of Department for Computer and Communications Engineering in 2002 where he led this department for six years expanding the student numbers before setting up a Business Information Technology Enterprise department within the School of Engineering in 2007.

Mike has two passions in his work with students at the University of Greenwich. Firstly, widening participation by breaking down the barriers to Higher Education for students through identifying the challenges for them and designing programmes, courses and study modes that allow them to access HE and succeed. Secondly, ensuring students have the ability to manage complexity early in their studies. He is happiest when his students achieve their potential and exceed their own expectations. ["I can do things now I could not even have dreamed of!", 2008 BSc Graduate].

Having previously worked for the British Council, introducing new technologies to schools in India, as well as holding senior roles in the engineering industry Mike has an extensive career alongside being the Technical Director for Intelligent Control Systems Ltd. His career has also included training teachers as well as teaching undergraduates and postgraduates in science, engineering, computing & technology.

Mike is an entrepreneur with extensive experience of consulting and business, having developed and deployed management information systems, control systems and communications systems alongside a range of microelectronic and software products. He brings a wealth of latest industry knowledge into the learning environment.

Mike is fully committed to lifelong learning and that desire to continue learning and passing on his knowledge shines as brightly as ever in his current role as Teaching Fellow within the School of Engineering.

Responsibilities within the university

Programme leader

  • Engineering Design and Innovation, BEng
  • Product Design Engineering, MSc

Module Leader

  • Big Data and Data Analytics (L6)
  • Client and Technology requirements (L5)
  • Securing Technologies (L7)
  • Technology Supported Engineering. (L5)
  • Programming for Technologists (L5)
  • Group Design & Project Management (L6)
  • Advanced Computer Aided Design (L6)
  • E-Technologies and Data Security. (L5)


Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow 2010


MCMI (2007-2012)

Research / Scholarly interests

Academic workloads.  E-learning & motivation, Use of new technologies for learning, Systems Thinking, Technology Centric Business, E-Business & E-Commerce, Engineering and Design Education, Management and Manufacturing Information Systems, Information Age Engineering and Design, Critical Thinking, Advanced Software Systems Applications in Health Care, Human Interfaces in Plant Control, Information Technology, Genetic Algorithms in Scheduling, Knowledge Management, Customer Service, The History of Technology,