Dr Harry Derbyshire BA Hons, MA, PhD

Principal Lecturer in English Literature and Drama

Key details

Harry Derbyshire

Dr Harry G Derbyshire

Principal Lecturer in English Literature and Drama

Dr Harry Derbyshire studied at the University of Warwick and then King's College, London where his doctoral thesis examined the reception of Harold Pinter's later work. He has taught at the University of Greenwich since 2003, and has been Programme Leader for BA English Literature since 2007. He has also worked over a long period with Pam Schweitzer and colleagues to maximise the benefit of her Reminiscence Theatre Archive to students at Greenwich and the local community.

Responsibilities within the university

Dr Derbyshire is Programme Leader for English literature. He teaches on the following courses:

  • Literary forms of representation
  • Reading drama
  • Culture, theory and context
  • Poetry and drama
  • Case Studies in theatre
  • Contemporary British theatre
  • Drama production.


Dr Derbyshire is regularly consulted on prospective new publications in the field of theatre and has been invited to contribute introductions to two plays re-published as part of the Methuen Modern Classics series, most recently James Graham's Ink (2020).


  • Chair, European Reminiscence Network (2008-)

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Derbyshire's focus has been on British playwriting in the modern and contemporary period, with an emphasis on the politics of reception and representation. He has published on the playwrights Edward Bond, Caryl Churchill, Harold Pinter, Arnold Wesker and Roy Williams. In collaboration with law scholar Loveday Hodson, Harry has written about verbatim theatre and the work of debbie tucker green in relation to human rights.

He has spoken at numerous conferences, including the 2019 Comparative Drama conference in Orlando, Florida where he presented a paper on artistic directorship and the politics of representation in London theatres.

Dr Derbyshire has continued his collaborative outputs on human rights and performance with Dr Loveday Hodson (Leicester) with a chapter on debbie tucker green.

Recent publications


Derbyshire, Henry and , (2022), ‘Creating change where it matters the most’: artistic directorship and representation in the London theatre. Western Michigan University. In: , , , . Western Michigan University, Comparative Drama, 56: 9 (1-2) . pp. 193-220 ISSN: 0010-4078 (Print), (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Derbyshire, Henry and , (2016), Caryl Churchill’s 21st Century Poetics: Theatre form and feminism from far away to Ding Dong the Wicked. De Gruyter Mouton. In: , , , . De Gruyter Mouton, Journal of Contemporary Drama in English, 4 (2) . pp. 367-384 2195-0164 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.1515/jcde-2016-0021).

Book section

Derbyshire, Henry and , (2021), The Theatre of the Absurd as professional network in Pinter’s early career. Bloomsbury. In: , , , Harold Pinter: Stages, Networks, Collaboration. Bloomsbury, . ISBN: 9781350133624 (doi: ).

Derbyshire, Henry and , Hodson, Loveday (2020), Engaging with human rights: truth and reconciliation and hang. Palgrave Macmillan. In: , , In: Sian Adiseshiah, Jacqueline Bolton (eds.), Debbie Tucker Green: Critical Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan, (1st) . pp. 89-108 . ISBN: 9783030345808 (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Derbyshire, Henry and , (2019), 'Let Battle Commence!': The Wesker Controversies. Intellect. In: , , In: Anne Etienne, Graham Saunders (eds.), Arnold Wesker: Fragments and Vision. Intellect, (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Derbyshire, Henry and , (2019), “Four-square behind the sputum”: dramatic form, female characters and implacable politics in Restoration and Summer. Peter Lang. In: , , In: Susana Nicolás Román (ed.), Women in Edward Bon. Peter Lang, . ISBN: 9783631773659 (doi: https://doi.org/10.3726/b15005) NB Item availability restricted.

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