Mandy Barrie

Mandy Barrie

PhD Researcher

Mandy Barrie has returned to research after a career with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), as government policy adviser on heritage, libraries, museums and arts.  Her research interests include women’s suffrage campaigns in the UK and globally;  nineteenth and twentieth centrury social protest movements for women’s rights; and the intersectionality of gender and class in researching women’s history.

While at DCMS, she was UK representative on the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.  Her UK based work included supporting the introduction of the internet to public libraries and the establishment of the UK City of Culture programme.  On retirement she set up a UK registered charity to support children in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

Responsibilities within the university

The Campaign for Women’s Suffrage in Lewisham and Greenwich 1866-1928 and its impact on Gender Politics Locally and Nationally

My research positions the suffrage campaigns, from 1866 - 1928 as part of a broader social movement for women’s rights.   The work draws on theoretical insights from social movement theory which defines movements as linked campaigns irreducible to the activities of national leaders or organisations.  Thus, the way social movements function varies at the local level. For this reason, I have chosen a case study approach to examine how suffrage demands represented one among a broader set of claims for women’s rights and how these claims were advanced by multiple different organisations with variant aims.

Supervisory team includes:

Dr Claire Eustance

Dr Mary Clare Martin

Dr John Morton