Centre for Applied Sociology Research



Social inclusion, citizenship and participation

Theme overview: Research address key policy areas including multi-culturalism, citizenship, and inequalities. Our Research projects include racial justice, migrants’ labour, mobility and citizenship rights, and multi-lingual inclusive research practices, among migrant women  (including NRPF),  asylum seeker and refugees, young people and BAME families.  The projects utilise a range a co-PAR, creative methods and co-production techniques such as forum theatre, walking methods, film-making, digital story-telling, and arts-based workshops (involving collage-making, creative mapping and drawing)

Social care, health and wellbeing

Theme overview: Research is concerned with the consequences of poverty, austerity and environmental issues for policies on social protection, care and wellbeing. Research areas focus on end of life care and wellbeing, including death, dying and bereavement, at the intersection of religion and beliefs; ethical practices in patient and therapeutic relationships; and ‘social death’. Collaborations include nursing and social work colleagues in New Zealand, examining nurses’ educational needs, as well as care leavers’ experiences.