Centre for Creative Futures

About Us

The creative arts are fundamental to the UK's economic and social wellbeing. Yet, as digital innovations emerge at bewildering speed, the industry is subject to unprecedented changes whose costs and benefits may not always be shared equally. The Centre for Creative Futures investigates how the positive impacts of new technologies, models and platforms might be enjoyed equitably and inclusively by creative professionals and their audiences. In so doing, our world-leading, interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners provide a grounding and training for creatives of the future.

Our Aims

  • Be a leading voice in strategising and working towards the development of an equitable future for the creative industries, maximising positive impacts for professionals, audiences and wider communities.
  • Providing a nurturing environment, focus and collaborative opportunities, enabling our postgraduate and early career researchers to realise their potential.
  • Host workshops, conferences, seminars and other activities around emergent practices in research, impact and bid writing, allowing all members to interact with leading scholars in their field, establish international networks and progress their careers and impact.
  • Engage actively with practitioners, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders within the creative industries, facilitating dialogue, collaboration and co-ordination towards common goals.
  • Publish high impact reports, policy briefs, research papers and other outputs to disseminate our findings and contribute to public discourse on progress towards more equitable creative industries.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

The Centre for Creative Futures encompasses and supports practice-based, theoretical and critical research across a wide range of creative disciplines, including drama, literature, theatre, performance, art and design, filmmaking and immersive technologies. Our members include performers, producers, dramaturgs, directors, cinematographers, designers and writers. The interdisciplinary approach is vital as it allows us to develop fresh and original perspectives, tools and solutions to address global challenges - and avoid repeating mistakes of the past. Regardless of expertise and background, we all share a commitment to promote equality, representation, alternative and inclusive futures.

Now is a great moment to raise the profile of creative methods and support genuine, world-changing arts-led research.

- Jorge Lopes Ramos, Professor of Interactive Theatre and Performance -