Centre for Creative Futures

Publications and Outputs

Peer-reviewed book chapters and edited books

  • Nicholas Holden (2023) ‘The Oxymoronic World of Dennis Kelly’, with Jacqueline Bolton, in Beautiful Doom: Dennis Kelly’s Work on Stage and Television, Nicholas Holden and Jacqueline Bolton (eds.), Manchester: Manchester University Press
  • Davies, Rosamund (2023) ‘Collaboration, Cooperation and Authorship in Screenwriting aka How Many People Does it Take to Create an Author’ in Davies, Rosamund , Russo, Paolo, Tieber, Claus (Eds), Palgrave Handbook of Screenwriting Studies.                    
  • Maravala, Persis Jadé and Zisels Lopes Machado Ramos, Jorge (2022), Post-immersive interventions with ZU-UK. In: Joanna Jayne Bucknall (ed.), Talking about Immersive Theatre: Intimate Conversations on Immersions and Interactivities in Performance. Bloomsbury, London , 1 . pp. 211-284 . ISBN: 9781350269330
  • Zisels Lopes Machado Ramos, Jorge , Maravala, Persis Jadé, Guillery, Kesia (2022), The significance of ‘role-play’ and ‘instruction-based performance’ as modes of teaching, collaborating, and performing with/for participating audiences. , Experiential Theatres: Praxis-Based Approaches to Training 21st Century Theatre Artists. Routledge, London , 1 (1st) . ISBN: 9781032036038

Conference items

  • Stenros, Jaakko , Simon, Bart, Hughes, Lynn, Zisels Lopes Machado Ramos, Jorge , Maravala, Persis Jadé (2021), Understanding Liveness in immersive theatre, LARP and Games. In: DIGRA 2022, 7th-11th July 2022, Krakow, Poland (doi: https://digra2022.org/ ).
  • Klika, Deborah (2023) The Female Bind in Film Comedy, 15th International Screenwriting Research Network Conference, 20-22 September 2023, Columbia, Missouri, USA

Edited Collections, Editions and Special Issues

  • Derbyshire, Henry , Holden, Nicholas , O'Thomas, Mark and Knapper, Daniel (eds.) (2022) Comparative Drama. Special Issue on London's Theatre: Places, Communities, Futures, 56 (1&2). University of Western Michigan, Michigan, USA. ISBN 56, Number 1 & 2, Spring & Summer 2022 ISSN 0010-4078 (Online)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Award-winning performances, games, digital artworks, films

  • Maravala, Persis Jadé, Lopes Ramos, Jorge (2022), Binaural Dinner Date – Oi Futuro Art & Technology, Rio de Janeiro  
  • Bathhurst, P (2022)  Air From Another Planet. –Awarded best Film and Best Original Soundtrack at its premiere at International History Film Festival, Vienna, August 23 http://www.history-filmfestival.com/air-from-another-planet/
  • Maravala, Persis Jadé, Lopes Ramos, Jorge (2022), Radio Ghost – XR Selection at South By Southwest – Austin, Texas
  • Lopes Ramos, Jorge , Maravala, Persis-Jadé, Guillery, Kesia and Andrade Pires, Carlos Eduardo (2022) Radio Ghost - Lumen Prize Interactive Award. Winner - video submission. [Video]