Centre for Research in Language and Heritage

About Us

CREL is a multidisciplinary environment for research about language

The Centre for Research in Language and Heritage (CREL) is a multidisciplinary setting for the study of language that promotes the development of international and interdisciplinary collaborations, networks and partnerships to foster knowledge-exchange, training and mentorship. CREL also takes research insights to the communities working in partnership with schools and school alliances.

CREL hosts researchers from the areas of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literature, Creative Writing, History, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Speech and Language Therapy and Mathematics and Computing. Collaboration across these disciplines enables the integration of insights from social cognitive and quantitative analyses in the research of language and literature and enhances overall pathways to impact in education and speech and language therapy.

Members play a leading role in energising and sustaining national and international research networks, notably through participation on the boards of international learned societies and journals, conference plenaries and organisation, winning prizes, sitting on panels of national and international funding bodies and reading for learned journals and publishers.

CREL runs international events (conferences, summer school), seminar series (Narratives series, Linguistics discussions), training hubs that have made the university part of international Open Science networks (ReproducibiliTea) and has specialist resources including a neurolinguistics laboratory.

CREL fosters regular knowledge-exchange and training through:

CREL Seminar Series

Narratives Series

This series is a venue for inter-disciplinary explorations on the theme of “Narratives,” a central concept in the fields of literature studies and creative writing and also a crucial factor in demonstrating language ability. Members are welcome to propose guest speakers.

Leads: Dr Justine Baillie, Dr Emily Critchley, Dr Katarina Stenke

Linguistics Discussions

These seminars are to discuss topics related to language analysis and their interface with other areas such as cognition, acquisition or translation. Members are welcome to propose guest speakers.

CREL-ILD Science Practice Hub

The Science Practice Hub (SciPHub) provides a space for researchers across faculties to reflect on science practices critically and share expertise to strengthen the capability of research. It is a joint initiative from the Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language (CREL) and the Institute for Lifecourse Development (ILD), open to every interested researcher.

  • ReproducibiliTea Journal Club: UK Reproducibility Network supported journal club on Open & Reproducible Science; discussion on reproducibility/replication, meta-science.
  • Practice workshops (Dr Palacios): focused on quantitative and computational methods as well as mathematical modelling applied to language questions.
  • Science dialogues (Dr Uher): regular seminars led by volunteers (research staff). Active and constructive dialogue among scholars from different sciences about key topics in the making of science (e.g., objectivity, scientific terms, measures).
  • Science lectures (Dr Arche): lectures given by guest speakers on controversial issues on science practice (e.g., methodology, epistemology).

Substantive research

Substantive research on different aspects related to language, its acquisition teaching and literary forms. Members publish articles and books in highly-ranked scientific journals and publishing companies.


The team leads activities in different institutions (e.g., schools) making the analysis of language, its teaching and creative expression known to the wider community.


The Centre runs activities that maintain the sustainability of our research, such as the English Language Pre-sessional Courses and the International Summer School in Multilingualism.

Contact Us

If you are interested in collaborating with us, or require further information about the centre contact:

E-mail: CREL@greenwich.ac.uk