Centre for Research in Language and Heritage

CREL Members

Visiting Professor, Steering Group, Advisory Board, Members, Partners and Affiliates

CREL Visiting Professor 2020-2023

Professor Michael Putnam, Centre of Language Science, Pennsylvania State University  

Michael is an Associate Professor of German and Linguistics at Pennsylvania State University. His research interests include studying how the general architecture of cognition intersects with grammatical knowledge and performance biases.

Steering Group

Experts who advise on the the day-to-day decisions of the centre.

Professor María J. Arche - Centre Lead - Linguistic theory, syntax, semantics; acquisition and development of tense, aspect and copulas.

Dr Peter Collins - semantics, pragmatics, psychology of judgement and decision making, communication in clinical and forensic settings.

Dr Mary Clare Martin - history of childhood and youth, religion, illness, health and disability and play and recreation.

Dr Ana Paula Palacios - Bayesian statistics, networks, stochastic modelling, Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms.

Dr Sara Pennell - social and cultural histories of seventeenth and eighteenth century Britain, food cultures, health, material culture, domestic interiors, spaces and architecture.

Dr Caroline Rabourdin - spatial theory, art writing, spatial literature, phenomenology, post-structuralist theory, translation studies and comparative literature.

Dr Katarina Stenke -  British eighteenth-century literature, with a focus on poetry and nonfiction prose; eighteenth-century women's poetry, especially devotional verse; history of literary theory.

Dr Vanessa Taylor - environmental history, especially histories of water, energy and everyday life.

Dr Jana Uher - semiotic representations, language, communication, behaviour, transdisciplinary research, ontology, epistemology, metatheory, methodology, methods, measurement.

Professor Paul Vlitos - creative Writing (novels) late Victorian and Edwardian literary advice, crime, mystery and suspense fiction, postcolonial fiction.

Members & Research Interests

CREL members are involved in research and scholarly activities concerning any aspect of language, its acquisition, teaching and its interface in fields such as psychology, computing and speech therapy.

Professor Gordon Ade-Ojo - adult literacy and ESOL learning, social dimension to literacy development through the framework of literacy for specific purposes.

Dr Justine Baillie - critical theory, diasporic, postcolonial and transnational literature's, American and African-American writing, urban studies, women's writing.

Dr Anuenue Baker-Kukona – adult psycholinguistics, cognitive mechanisms that support language comprehension and learning, prediction.

Dr Peter Collins - semantics, pragmatics, psychology of judgement and decision making, communication in clinical and forensic settings.

Dr Anna Costantino - inclusive practitioner research, philosophy of education, critical pedagogies and critical theories, development of language materials, and language testing, Italian for specific purposes, research methods.

Dr Emily Critchley - contemporary experimental writing, modern and contemporary poetry in north America and the UK, critical theory / philosophy, especially phenomenology, feminisms, women's writing, eco writing.

Dr Louise Ann Cotton - children and adults with specific learning difficulties, literacy and pragmatic disorders, poor literacy as a pre cursor to young offending and deviant behaviours.

Dr Josh P Davis - individual differences in voice and face recognition ability, drivers of 'super' identity recognition abilities, forensic and policing impact of research.

Dharinee Hansjee - development of guidance on eating and drinking with acknowledged risks, dysphagia.

Mr Simon Dye - endangered Languages, English as a Lingua Franca, English for Academic Purposes.

Dr Erika Kalocsanyiova - linguistic integration of adult migrants, linguistic repertoires and multilingual creativity, multiple language acquisition and multilingual pedagogies, and linguistic ethnography as an interdisciplinary field.

Dr Maria Korolkova – cultural theory, film and new media, history and theory of Russian and Soviet cinema

Dr Cecile Laval - second language learning and teaching, processing instruction.

Dr Rosemary Lobban – critical social psychology, prejudice and discrimination, conversation analysis/Membership Categorization Analysis.

Dr Sarah Liszka - second language acquisition, syntactic and semantic development, pragmatics.

Dr Agata Ludwiczak

Ms Marian McCormick - speech therapy, syntax, language pathologies.

Dr Roger McDonald - language in Primary Education, Vice President UKLA.

Jo Kenrick - applied cognitive/forensic psychology, deception, expertise.

Dr Louise Owusu-Kwarteng - race and educational attainment, West African backgrounds, sociological autobiography, ethnicity and identity formation.

Dr Corinne Palmer-Brown - English language teaching, innovative teaching methods for international students.

Dr Ana Paula Palacios - Bayesian statistics, networks, stochastic modelling, Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms.

Dr Elena Papadaki - exhibiting screen-based media, curatorial theory and practice, transmedia art, contemporary practices of the moving image, cultural theory​.

Dr Sandhiran Patchay - cognitive psychology, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, memory strategies, ageing.

Professor Zoë Pettit - audio-visual translation, interlingual subtitling and dubbing, multi-modality, verbal and non-verbal communication, translation studies.

Dr Georgios Samakovitis - strategic IT, systems planning and management.

Dr Ella Simpson -  narrative, cultural and convict criminology, theory and practice of creative arts interventions in criminal justice settings

Val Tadić - developmental psychology and health services research, Childhood onset visual impairment: epidemiology, and psychosocial and functional outcomes.

Ms Leona Talsma - speech and Language Therapist and Dyslexia Practitioner, speech, language and literacy disorders in children.

Dr Trevor Thompson - neural basis for language deficits, EEG methodology, statistics.

Mr Bob Tsukada Bright - classroom discourse, interaction between teachers and second language learners in classroom settings.

Dr Elena Vacchelli - migration, diversity and social inequality; gender and space.

Dr Alessandra Valentini - language development, reading, bilingualism, cognitive development.

Dr Yang Ye - social cognition, attitudes, stereotype, stigma and bias. He is currently working with linguists from Queen Mary University of London on an ESRC funded project about accent bias in the UK.