Centre for Spatial and Digital Ecologies


News and events

The centre runs six types of interdisciplinary centre activities, designed to intersect with our research themes. They bring together members, develop discourses, map impact and disseminate knowledge:

  • Possible Ecologies seminars/lectures, in which members of the Centre and notable industry experts and researchers are invited to present their work.
  • Uncertain Relations workshops, with external speakers and some internal speakers looking at theoretical research questions.
  • Collective Landscape Futures roundtables, an open conversation on experimental future practices. These are a series of practice-focused discourses including leading professionals, lecturers/tutors and students.
  • Field Office knowledge exchange collaboration, developing an external network for those working on situated field practices.
  • Thresholds and Propositions reading group, involving Master’s students, PGRs, ECRs and more established academics.
  • Centre Press, recognising the strength of graphic and communication research in the centre, this research project disseminates online, in print, and podcast media.

Our timetable of activities allows members to plan their involvement with centre discourses and to develop a rhythm of diverse activities that support and interest all members. Above all we want our activities to foster an open and supportive environment for developing research and knowledge exchange.