Centre for Spatial and Digital Ecologies


The Centre for Spatial and Digital Ecologies recognises differences and welcomes uncertainties in contemporary landscapes and lives. Our research, which maps on to the aims of the centre and the societal challenges it addresses, seeks to make sense of uncertainty and to be optimistic about the possibilities to improve the world.

There are six centre themes:

  • New design pedagogies, which focuses on the intersection of studio teaching and site-specific practices.
  • Media and communication, which expands digital and media research methods through engaging with critical materials and cultural developments.
  • Access and inclusion through design, which questions inclusive processes and environments.
  • Climate and urban ecology, which investigates the design of green infrastructures, environments, and cities.
  • Collective, public, common, and lived spaces, which highlights the collective making and remaking of human and more-than-human worlds.
  • Expanded architectural practices, which critically speculates on future practices to address contemporary concerns such as climate justice and social equity.