Research Ethics

The ethical approval of research at the University of Greenwich operates at two levels:

See the Guidance on the Ethical Approval for Research for further information on where to submit your ethics application.

The University’s Research Ethics Policy specifies which research requires ethical approval and where approval should be granted. All research involving human participants requires ethical approval along with certain other types of research. For further details of when ethical approval is required, see the Guidance on the Ethical Approval for Research. Where ethical approval is required, research should not commence until approval has been granted by the relevant committee.

Applying to UREB

  • UREB meets five time each academic year (see UREB’s meeting dates). The deadline for applications is two weeks before the meeting date.
  • Applications for ethical approval must be submitted using UREB’s application form. Please download and complete the current version of the form rather than using a previously saved version.
  • Applications and supporting appendices should be submitted by the deadline to If possible, please submit your application and appendices as a single PDF file.
  • Applications must be signed/approved by a faculty UREB representative from the relevant faculty (see the list of faculty representatives). E-signatures / emails evidencing approval are acceptable.
  • Researchers seeking UREB’s approval are expected to have completed two mandatory online Epigeum research ethics courses (see RETI’s training catalogue for further details).
  • Where approval is required urgently, approval can be granted by chair’s action in between meetings.
  • If you have questions or require advice: contact UREB at

Faculty Research Ethics Committees (FRECs)

FRECs can be contacted at the following email addresses. See the list of faculty representatives for current members and faculty UREB representatives:

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