Research Ethics Committee

The University of Greenwich Research Ethics Committee (UREC) has a central approval and training role in ensuring that any research undertaken within, or on behalf of, the university, meets the highest ethical standards.  The University also has a Policy on Research Ethics. UREC delegates consideration of some student research activities to Faculty ethics committees or procedures.

All human-related research which includes any one or more of the following requires ethical assessment and approval at the appropriate level:

  • Direct involvement through
    • physically invasive procedures, such as the taking of blood samples
    • non-invasive procedures, such as interviews, questionnaires, surveys, observation, laboratory-based experiments
  • Indirect involvement through
    • a need to access personal information
    • use of human tissue
  • Involvement requiring consent on behalf of others, such as by parents for a child participant

Where ethical issues exist in a research proposal the research should not commence until approval has been obtained from the relevant place. To find out whether your research requires ethical approval, see the guidance on ethical approval for research.

If the research is uncontroversial and requires a start date which is incompatible with the schedule of committee meetings then Chair's Action may be given.

Please note that most research approved by the Committee will benefit from the University's professional indemnity and / or public liability cover. Further details of the cover can be found in the insurance broker's confirmation letters. If the research is being undertaken in conjunction with external co-researchers (i.e. not members of staff or students of the University of Greenwich) you should ensure that they have their own insurance cover in place for the activities they will be conducting.

For advice contact:

Secretary, University Research Ethics Committee
c/o Vice Chancellor's Office
Queen Anne Court
University of Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College
Park Row
London SE10 9LS
Tel.: 020 8331 8860