Centre for Spatial Informatics at Greenwich

Centre for Spatial Informatics at Greenwich

The Centre for Spatial Informatics at Greenwich was originally formed in 2012 and has been world leading in computational aspects of GIS and digital mapping.

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Computer science and informatics

Computer science research at the University is contributing strongly to current developments, in particular around cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data science.

Recent publications


Wang, Jia and , Worboys, Michael (2017), Ontologies and representation spaces for sketch map interpretation. Taylor & Francis. In: , , , . Taylor & Francis, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 31 (9) . pp. 1697-1721 ISSN: 1365-8816 (Print), 1365-8824 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/13658816.2017.1309043).

Book section

Wang, Jia and , Rui, Li (2018), Reassessing underlying spatial relations in pedestrian navigation: a comparison between sketch maps and verbal descriptions. IGI Global. In: , , In: Maki Habib (ed.), Handbook of Research on Investigations in Artificial Life Research and Developmen. IGI Global, (1st) . pp. 49-67 . ISBN: 9781522553960 (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Conference proceedings

Wang, Jia and , Li, Rui (2019), Sketch maps and verbal descriptions in structuring space. AGILE. In: , , , Geospatial Technologies for All. Selected Papers of the 21th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Scienc. AGILE, (doi: https://agile-online.org/conference_paper/cds/agile_2018/shortpapers/168%20AGILE_2018.pdf).

Klochkova, Olena , Wang, Jia, Wood, Zena Marie, Worboys, Michael (2017), Pedestrian route planning based on an enhanced representation of pedestrian network and probabilistic estimate of signal delays. GISRUK. In: GISRUK2017, 18th - 21st April 2017, Manchester, UK , GISRUK 2017 e-Proceeding. GISRUK, (63) . pp. 1-6 (doi: http://huckg.is/gisruk2017/GISRUK_2017_paper_63.pdf).