Research & Enterprise Training Institute

Past Winners/Competitions

2022 Competition

University Final

Last year’s final was held online on Tuesday 17th May 2022 with a presentation by Sartaj Garewal (Dynamic Presenting) on the topic of ‘Creative Speaking: Research best told as a story’.

The following prizes were awarded:

  • Judges’ Choice: Thomas Rabensteiner (Greenwich Business School) for a presentation entitled ‘Worker autonomy and wage divergence: Evidence from European Survey Data’
  • People’s Choice: Lorenzo Fruscella (Liberal Arts & Sciences) for a presentation entitled ‘Aquaponics: Earth to Mars’
  • Finalist: Natasha Lawlor-Morrison (Greenwich Business School) for a presentation entitled Understanding and Developing Learning Agility
  • Finalist: Arwa Selim (Engineering & Science )for a presentation entitled ‘Transfer of High Value Products from the Cell Factory’

Faculty Heats 2022


Judges’ Choice: Natasha Lawlor-Morrison – Understanding & Developing Learning Agility.

People’s Choice: Thomas Rabensteiner – Working autonomy and wage divergence: Evidence from European Survey Data.

Participant: Ali Tabli Khalifa - The impact of social relations among employees on job satisfaction and knowledge sharing.

Participant: Ihator Brown - A broken society: Not my brother’s keeper.

Participant: Zsofia Zador - The effect of trade embeddedness on regional economic recovery.

Education, Health & Human Sciences

Judges’ Choice: Joel Puente Fernandez - The Impact of Sports Nutrition in Ageing Population.

People’s Choice: Heather Bower - Why do midwives stay?

Engineering & Science 

Judges’ Choice: Arwa Selim - Transfer of high value products from the cell factory.

People’s Choice (Joint Award): Uyi-osa Egb - Planning and Learning: An important step towards environmental sustainability through remanufacturing.

People’s Choice (Joint Award): Peter Jones - Artificial Perception - An Inferential Thalamic Approach.

Participant: Lancelot Martin - The ODIN Project

Liberal, Arts & Sciences 

Judges’ Choice: Lorenzo Fruscella - Aquaponics: Earth to Mars.

People’s Choice: Maria Esther Medeiro Duran - To be or not to be bilingual.

Participant: Maimoona Amin - Modern Slavery: Challenges, Solutions and the Effectiveness of Government Policy.

Participant: Emma Colthurst - London Urban Markets and Ecological Connection.

3MT® 2021

University Final

Faculty Heats 2021


People’s Choice: Ihator Brown – Imagine a Society without Charity.

Education, Health & Human Sciences

People’s Choice: Pascal Michael - Death, Drugs and Divinity: How the Pharmacology of Dying Can Illuminate our Endings and our Beginnings.

Participant: Michael Harpham - Factors influencing the effective teamwork of secondary school senior leadership teams.

Participant: Idris Ibrahim – Is Response to Intervention (RTI) an Effective Tool for Improving Academic Performance of KS4 Mathematics Students?

Participant: Paul Mersh – The making of a hero??

Engineering & Science

Participant: Stephanie Schlictner - Tim-3 – Galectin-9 – Vista pathway ​ruling over life and death

Participant: Gulab Singh - Domestic Scale wood pellet handling: Prediction of wood pellet degradation during pneumatic conveying

2021 videos

3MT® 2020

University Final

Finalist: Choice: Hazel Wallace-Williams (Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences) - Wellbeing and Resilience: Student Nurses and Midwives

2020 Videos

Karifa Sanfo –

3MT® 2019

University Final

Judges’ Choice: Vilius Savickas (Faculty of Engineering and Science) - Atrial Fibrillation Screening in Care Homes by Clinical Pharmacists.

People’s Choice: Harriet Lowe (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences) - Second language learning and the 'knack' for languages: are the rest of us doomed?