Find out how you can live and learn sustainably whilst studying at the University of Greenwich.

As a student at the University of Greenwich, you have joined a community with sustainability on the forefront of our minds. Globally, over the past nine years 80% of students want their institution to do more on sustainability issues (NUS Skills Survey). Around 60% of those same students want to learn more about sustainability, both in their degrees and wider with wanting to be able to take action and make a difference. It is no surprise that our students expect to see us act on sustainability as part of their university experience.

Whether your ambition is to be a nurse, forensic scientist, film maker, accountant or fashion designer, sustainability is the game changer for all professions. We want to help you navigate your future career to tackle sustainability concerns whatever industry you're in. The University employability services can help you prepare. Have a look at our presentation into how sustainability can positively influence your industry.

Action has benefit both ways: by reducing consumption and altering choice you can also help yourselves financially and socially too.

What have students achieved?

Without the dedication and knowledge of students across the university a lot of our projects could not have been a success.
  • Between 2015 & 2020 the NUS Student Switch Off campaign, through the actions of students in our halls has saved over 90,000kWh of energy & 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • Student volunteers help to collect items in halls at the end of the year to be donated to the British Heart Foundation (594 bags were donated in 2019).
  • Leading on national campaigns (Green Week & Fairtrade Fortnight).
  • Helping conserve our natural habitat and looking after the Avery Hill Community Garden.
  • Driving change through Eco-Team; the student and staff network empowering action.
  • Participating in student led events; litter picks, craft workshops and more to help maintain a clean campus environment.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals that outline the vision for a sustainable world by 2030.  Signed by all 193 countries at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, these goals recognise the interlinks between poverty, economic growth, social needs and environmental impact.

The power of these goals is that they work across all levels of government, for all nations and at all levels.  Through innovations and collaboration, we can bring about positive change on a local and global scale.

In partnership with the Universities of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church, we delivered an SDG into teaching initiative at the Medway Campus to help students learn about their importance and how they can be incorporated into programmes and projects.  We are now spreading this plan across Greenwich and Avery Hill campuses.

What SDGs are most relevant to you, and what you can do to help turn their aims into a reality:

  • What SDGs are most relevant on your modules and course?
  • Are they mentioned in your modules and course?
  • Can any of your projects be related to the SDGs?
  • Are your friends aware of the SDGs?
  • What else could be done, in or outside of University to help drive change?

How to get involved

  • Participate; there are events throughout the year: Green Week, Fairtrade Fortnight, Student Switch Off and End of Term Reuse.
  • Participate and listen to our sustainability podcast, The GREen Pod. Discuss what you are currently doing or be interviewed about your research
  • Join Eco-Team, the student and staff network driving change
  • Incorporate environmental issues or the SDGs into your projects
  • Ask your courses to include sustainable content into your learning
  • Waste Segregation: always dispose of items in the correct waste bin
  • Staying in halls?  Click here for what you can do to live sustainably & save money
  • Renting privately? Click here for what you can do to live sustainably & save money
  • Set a zero-print target and think about whether you really need to print?

Volunteer with Nature

We have over 6 hectares of natural landscape (over 9 footballs pitches in size) across our campuses.  Please do explore the nature around your campus.  If you are at Avery Hill, you can also volunteer in our Community Garden and Fruit Orchard (behind David Fussey), a fantastic way to get closer to nature and learn about organic growing.  Contact the Sustainability Team for more information.

You can also help by recording all the wildlife you have seen on campus.  Record your sightings here; register, search for your campus under 'activity' and submit your sightings.

What about helping one of our favourite mammals?  We were the 58th University nationwide to sign-up to the Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative.  Anyone can be involved and there are a lot of activities to do. Check out our dedicated hedgehog blog pages here.

Sustainability and Employability

We want to help you navigate your future career to tackle sustainability concerns whatever industry you are looking to be involved in. The University employability services can help you prepare.  Contact us to find out how your future career can help tackle climate change, reduce environmental impacts and drive positive influence.