Find out how you can live and learn sustainably whilst studying at the University of Greenwich.

As a student at the University of Greenwich, you have joined a community with sustainability on the forefront of our minds. Globally, over the past nine years 80% of students want their institution to do more on sustainability issues (NUS Skills Survey). Around 60% of those same students want to learn more about sustainability, both in their degrees and wider with wanting to be able to take action and make a difference. It is no surprise that our students expect to see us act on sustainability as part of their university experience.

Whether your ambition is to be a nurse, forensic scientist, film maker, accountant or fashion designer, sustainability is the game changer for all professions.  We want to help you navigate your future career to tackle sustainability concerns whatever industry you're in. The University employability services can help you prepare. Have a look at our presentation into how sustainability can positively influence your industry.

Action has benefit both ways: by reducing consumption and altering choice you can also help yourselves financially and socially too.

What have students achieved?

Without the dedication and knowledge of students across the university a lot of our projects could not have been a success.
  • Student ambassadors encouraged positive action through the Student Switch Off (15,000kWh of energy & 5 tonnes of CO2 saved during 2018-19).
  • Student volunteers sorted out end of year items to be donated to the British Heart Foundation (594 bags, 4.8 tonnes donated in 2019).
  • Students drove the switch to reusable coffee cups. Two outlets are now disposable free.
  • Students led on the formation of Eco-Team, a student & staff network to drive positive change throughout the university.
  • Students across the university, studying differing degrees, have incorporated environmental issues into their projects.
  • Students led on national campaigns and event weeks (Green Week & Fairtrade Fortnight take place annually).
  • Students helped conserve our natural habitat by looking after the Avery Hill community garden.
  • Students participated in voluntary litter picks to help maintain a clean campus environment.

How to get involved

  • Participate in events. There are several events throughout the year: Green Week, Fairtrade Fortnight to Student Switch Off and End of Term Reuse.
  • Participate in the sustainability podcasts. Discuss what you are currently doing or be interviewed about your research.
  • Incorporate environmental issues into your projects.
  • Waste Segregation: always dispose of items in the correct waste bin.
  • Renting in Halls or privately? Help the environment on a tight budget by minimising food waste and turning off lights.
  • Wildlife Trails: explore the nature around your campus.
  • Wildlife Monitoring: help our conservation efforts exploring the environment.
  • Living Labs: use your research to directly help the University.
  • Hedgehog Friendly Campus: get involved to help out these vulnerable mammals.