Your Welcome Team

We are current students here to support you with any questions you have until you have settled into university life at Greenwich.

Your Welcome Team

Ask us about how to complete registration, getting to campus, accommodation, part time jobs, student life, and more. We are available Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm


Ibrahim (CRM Team)

My name is Ibrahim and I am an international student studying BSc Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Greenwich. It was really hard at first when I came to the UK... but at the same time, it also made me realise who I want to be when I first started studying at the University!

AnjanaAnjana (LiveChat and Emails)

Hi! I am Anjana. I am a part of the LiveChat and Emails Team. I am doing BSc Hons Human Nutrition and Health. Fun fact: I'm married, and no one believes that.

Hammad - Welcome Team

Hammad (Telephone Team)

I am studying towards a BA in Business purchasing & Supply Chain Management. A fun fact about me is that I am great cook!

Rachael - Welcome TeamRachael (Telephone Team)

Hi, I’m Rachael! I study MArch in Architecture. Bouldering and Rock Climbing bring me immense joy – scaling heights and conquering challenges is not just a hobby for me, but a thrilling passion!

Israela - Welcome Team

Israela (Telephone Team)

Hey, I’m Israela! I study Psychology and a fun fact about me is I don’t like chocolate.

Taabish - Welcome TeamTaabish (Telephone Team)

Hi, My name is Taabish, I am Pursuing my Masters in Data Science, A Fun fact about me is that I am an travel enthusiast, I love to travel and vlog when I can, and I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram page where I constantly upload content.

Mary - Welcome Team

Mary (Telephone Team)

Hello, I'm Mary, a spirited MSc Data Science student. I'm characterized by my enthusiasm, outgoing nature, and an unwavering commitment to taking on new challenges. My spontaneity and proactive attitude drive me to explore and expand my knowledge. Whether it's delving into data analysis or embarking on life's adventures, I approach each endeavor with boundless energy and a determination to maximize its potential. An interesting tidbit about me: I'm a fearless philanthropist, deeply involved in charitable endeavors, including volunteering at local animal shelters and, since childhood, finding forever homes for stray dogs.

Fatema - Welcome Team

Fatema - Telephone Team

Hi! I'm a final year Finance student undergrad. I work in the IT team. I love to do painting and baking.Fun fact: I can have bubble tea for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner but still maintain my diet. ;)

Aishwarya - Welcome Team

Aishwarya (Telephone Team)

Hello my name is Aishwarya I'm studying master's in pharmaceutical science, a fun fact about me is that I'm a talkative person as I could talk about anything!

Saleh - Welcome Team

Saleh (Telephone Team)

Hi I’m Saleh… I am studying towards a master’s in Architecture. I can read and write 4 languages and I have studied in 3 different continents.

Dieneil - Welcome Team

Dieneil (Telephone Team)

I’m Dieneil! I study Pharmacy and a fun fact about me is I love shopping.

Diana - Welcome Team

Diana (Telephone Team)

I’m Diana, I am studying MSc Psychology. I speak 4 languages!

Ridita - Welcome Team

Ridita (LiveChat and Emails Team)

I study Accounting and Financial Information Systems. I'm an avid K-drama enthusiast! I love watching Korean dramas for their intense plot twists and their incredible cinematography!

Maha - Welcome Team

Maha (CRM Team)

Hi! I'm Maha and I work for the CRM team. I'm studying a Masters degree in Pharmacy and am in my final year. A fun fact about me is I enjoy hosting fancy breakfasts and brunches.

Priyanka - Welcome Team

Priyanka (Telephone Team)

Yo!! Priyanka here. I am pursuing a BEng in Software Engineering (Hons). The amusing discovery is that, despite my skepticism, no coffee elsewhere has matched the satisfaction I find in the coffee from my hometown, Coorg.

Library Ambassadors

You can find our Library Ambassadors in Stockwell Street Library, Greenwich Campus between 11:00 – 15:00, and Drill Hall Library, Medway Campus, between 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday during term time, whenever you require on-campus support.

During my first exam, I figured out that we can borrow books from library of any of the three campuses and return it to any of the libraries as well which I didn’t know when I stepped into the university for the very first time.

- Iffat, Water, Waste Management and Environmental Engineering MSc

The folks at library conduct many sessions for students to inform them about the resources and facilities available to all the students at Uni, be sure to attend them as they have a lot of information which surely will be helpful.

- Vinay, Engineering Management MSc

We have a team dedicated to assisting students with disabilities, including physical, mental, and learning challenges. We help students from low-income families and those who care for others.

- Aryan, Biotechnology MSc

Working as a Campus Ambassador at University is an exciting and rewarding experience, as it provides the opportunity to help new students transition to their new academic environment, while also representing and promoting the University.”

- Shantanu M. Shende

Being part of the Campus Ambassador operation is a great way to build connections within the university and develop business and interpersonal skills.

- Emma Myers

Any questions?

If you'd like more information, check out our Digital Student Centre. You can find FAQs or log an enquiry and we'll get back to you.