We are based at Avery Hill campus, but are routinely out and about to all campuses. Staff should use the safety unit email address to reach all of us, and if possible, one of us will stop by.

Vikki Wood, Head of Health & Safety
Ext. 9001, v.l.wood@gre.ac.uk

Jo Harrington, Health & Safety Adviser
Ext. 7548, j.m.harrington@gre.ac.uk

Enda Rooney, Fire Safety Officer
Ext. 9167, e.c.rooney@gre.ac.uk  

Jo Keys, H&S Administration & Communications Officer
Ext. 9917, j.f.keys@gre.ac.uk

You can contact us at:

Aragon Court
Avery Hill Southwood Site 
Email: safetyunit@gre.ac.uk