Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy

The health and safety policy has been produced to enable the University to comply with its legal duties and responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and relevant statutory provisions.

The health and safety policy describes the University Health and Safety Management System and provides a framework for the University's business that is research, educational, management and other activities.

The University Health & Safety Policy is divided into three distinct parts which are the:-

Statement of Intent which provides the Policy and general direction for the management and governance of health and safety within the University;

Organisation which sets out how this part of the policy is organised within the University and defines responsibilities and accountabilities for all staff (including line management);

Arrangements set out the arrangements in place to achieve the health and safety objectives of this policy.

Senior Staff and Managers of the University must make themselves familiar with the policy and ensure that their staff are aware of the policy which can be accessed on the University Health & Safety pages.

Where non-compliance is being considered by an enforcement authority, the Associate Director of Health & Safety must be informed.

Policy Review

The University Health, Safety, Sustainability and Wellbeing Board will review this policy at least annually.  The policy will be reviewed sooner if there are significant changes in legislation, University structure, or any reason to believe that the policy requires updating.


Enquiries regarding this policy should be addressed in the first instance to the Associate Director of Health and Safety, via email to

Health & Safety Strategy and Plan 2020 - 2025: Helping Greenwich Work and Study Well

The University of Greenwich Health and Safety Strategy and Plan has been developed to support the University's strategic aims and objectives, taking themes from the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) 'Help Great Britain Work Well' strategy, our existing Health and Wellbeing Strategy and embedding best practice as set out in the Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) USHA/UCEA Leadership and management of health and safety in higher education institutions.

The content of this section was last reviewed August 2023