Scholarships and prizes

Scholarships provide the chance to experience university and seize a life-changing opportunity. We need your help to make this happen.

Scholarships and prizes

Your donation will help us to ensure access to education for outstanding students and recognises their achievements along the way.

Give someone the chance to come to Greenwich

Although we hope that most young people will decide to come to university, we know that it is difficult to make important life decisions when you feel restricted by financial worries.

Getting the grades is not always enough. Students must consider how they will pay for their accommodation and living costs. They may need to balance their time with work or looking after loved ones. They may also be the first in their family to go to university and not feel confident that they are making the right choice.

When bright, capable people miss out on university and other life-changing opportunities, we know that there is a much higher cost to society - which is why we need your help.

Ann Packer Scholarship

Ann Brightwell (née Packer) is one of an elite band of British athletes who have won an Olympic gold medal. Aged just 22, Ann won gold in the 800 metres at the 1964 Games in Tokyo, just one year after completing her Certificate in Education at the university's predecessor, Dartford College of Physical Education.

It is with that dedication in mind that the Ann Packer Sports Scholarship was launched for those studying a sports-related degree as well as maintaining elite athleticism. Ann also features as one of our Greenwich Portraits.

Image of Ellis Lunn wearing Millwall Lionesses football kit

Meet Ellis, who is studying PE and Sport at Greenwich. She represents University of Greenwich Women's Football and Phoenix Sport FC. She has also played for Millwall Lionesses.

Sanctuary Scholarship

Greenwich is committed to removing barriers to education, and through the Sanctuary Scholarship, we are making the university a more accessible institution to forced migrants.

Refugee students have often been displaced from their homeland due to war, or other dangerous events out of their control. The Sanctuary Scholarship sends a clear message: Greenwich is a global university, and we welcome everyone.

Through collaboration, the university provides a truly transformative opportunity covering tuition and accommodation costs, plus a maintenance grant for those seeking asylum or with existing refugee status in the United Kingdom.

We are proud of our international community of students, staff and alumni. We rely on the global perspectives our diverse community brings to the university, and we do not wish to exclude anyone from Greenwich.

We currently offer two Sanctuary Scholarships to support undergraduate or postgraduate applicants. With your help, we could offer more support for students who have already gone through too much.

Establishing a scholarship or prize

Scholarships are vital for the financial assistance they provide for our students and for their impact on their experience. This type of gift can be transformational and similarly, student prizes play an important role in supporting their future careers.

Support our scholarships and prizes fund to nurture future talent. Your donation will support existing scholarships and prizes such as those detailed below.

If you would like to establish a new scholarship or extend one of our existing scholarships to additional students, please contact Mary Davies.

  • As a European student I had the privilege to live and study in the UK with the government helping me. I believe that everyone should be guaranteed the same opportunity. By creating a scholarship to support refugee students, Greenwich represents openness and supportiveness as an institution.

    - Alessio Papa, Former GSU Vice President (Education)