Reminder: The Greenwich Olympiad Photography competition closes on 28 April Articles

Both staff and students are invited to enter this competition and you can submit multiple entries in any of the five categories, but don't forget to include which category or categories you're entering when you send your entries to

The categories are:

AnimalsPhotographs with any animals (excluding human beings) as their main focus
PlantsPhotographs with any flowers, trees and other plants as their main focus
LandscapesPhotographs of wide open landscapes, small areas will not be accepted. Skylines will be included in this category
SportPhotographs with a sports theme, they do not have to be of sport being played
#ProudtobeGrePhotographs in and around the university that symbolise why you're proud to be part of our community

All photographs submitted will be shortlisted and judged by impartial judges, we'll announce further details of these at a later date. If you have people in your photo, please make sure you have their permission to use the photo and please note that by submitting your photographs you agree for them to be made public.

See here for a printable version of the Photography Competition details.


What is the Greenwich Olympiad?

It's a great opportunity for staff and students to come together and take part in a number of fun events such as a quiz night, hockey, badminton, table tennis, lacrosse, and more. Events will take place at our three campuses so get involved and to get to know one another outside of your normal work or study environments.

Although there will be a competitive element to activities - see details of the teams taking part - the Olympiad has been designed specifically to be a friendly competition and is equally about having fun, bringing people together and providing staff and students with the opportunity to participate in something new.