One Voice, One University: Students using their words to celebrate and thank our Academic staff #4


The quotes, taken from last year's Student Led Teaching Award nominations, show show the high regard our students have for our academic community, and we think that's something to celebrate.

We have lots of quotes* from our students, so we'll share them in a series of posts over the next few weeks.

The Student Led Teaching Awards are a student led celebration of teaching excellence and academic quality at our university.  They celebrate the best experiences students have at university and acknowledge the excellent practice of lecturers and staff across the university.

Nominations for this year's awards are open - head over to the GSU site to find out more about the categories and how students can submit their nominations.

Dr Crystal Tsay always does extra to make sure every student is motivated, informed and inspired.  Her moodle page is so organised and structured, which makes it easy to follow and learn.

Dorothea Fadipe is the most supportive, attentive and organised supervisor I could have asked for - I'm very grateful.

Dr Klairoong Hawa Phairor is just an amazing person.  She always finds time to talk with her students and we learn so much.  She inspires us to be creative and motivates us to do our best.

Dr Leroi Henry is so professional and always willing to help students, share his knowledge and is always open to listening.

Dr Peter Collins is friendly and approachable and provides excellent guidance.  It is evident that he cares about students' progress and achievements.  He ensures we get the most out of the module by inviting alumni and guest speaks to provide us with greater insight into potential careers.  He is positive and supportive of our contributions and works to make the modules benefit us.

Samina Qureshi is continually striving to inspire her students, especially the topics which require further discussion. It means everything to us.

Lecturers like Dr Sandhiran Patchay with their hard work and dedication to pupils that, like me, want to go further, are the very reason students from working class backgrounds are in university. Sandhi has been a hero for the entirety of my 3rd year at university, the pandemic has had disastrous effects on my motivation and he helped me get to the end of my university career sane! His belief in me was infectious, and I was able to deliver more than I knew possible because he went above and beyond what it means to be a good human being.

Scott Goudie is always there for you with humour or kindness, and he never lets you down. I asked Scott for help and as soon as I did I felt 110% supported, you don't know how much that meant to me.

Dr Giulia Getti went out of her way to ensure the module was prepared for the online learning platform, helping out students and offering assistance wherever it was needed.  She has been exceptionally considerate and always did more than was necessary to help the students out and I am grateful for all her tireless work.

Prof Kyriakos Porfyrakis' lectures were greatly structured, easy to follow and engaging and interesting.  He's also helped me with my mentoring programme - thank you.

Thank you Dr Mark Bingley for putting in the extra effort in every session to ensure every student fully grasped the concept of the course content regardless of the challenging conditions.

Nicholas Green provides an example of how teaching should be done - feeling like you're on the same team, the Greenwich team.

Dr Elaine Williams is very passionate about her topics and encourages us to think more critically about processes in everyday life and find our own opinions.  Her seminars and lectures have been really interesting and fun at the same time.  Even though classes were online and sometimes topics were hard, she was great at explaining things and creating a warm and welcome atmosphere where everyone could share their thoughts.

Jerome Chan's passion for his subject is immense, and in my opinion if it was not for him many students may not strive as high.  And yet he's always asking for student feedback and input and is always on the lookout to make himself a better tutor.

As a new student I have always felt welcomed by Dr Jing Bian, and she has been very considerate while also providing valuable advice.

Dr Matthew Jones has been the guiding light in this pandemic-lockdown learning experience. His lectures and seminars are fun, engaging and thought-provoking, which has made them the highlight of many of my weeks. I've never met him in real life (yet) but his positivity is infectious and just what many of us have needed in these testing times. I believe his effort, kindness and unwavering optimism needs to be recognised, appreciated and thanked!

On behalf of our students, thank you.

* With thanks to the Greenwich Students' Union for sharing the anonymised student quotes.

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