Working on Campus - IT ready


Remember your office PC might not have been switched on for some time - here we share how to be IT ready for campus

Switch on all your team's desktop devices

All of our desktops are regularly updated, however if they haven't been switched on for a while they'll have updates to catch up on.  If you/your colleagues haven't worked on campus for a while and you're the first in the office please switch on all of the desktops in your office. Your colleagues will thank you.

Bring your laptop

Stay connected while your desktop updates by bringing your laptop and connect to our wireless network.

When you first log in to Outlook your mailbox will need to synchronise before you can access your recent messages. Microsoft advise that If you have many items in the mailbox and you have not synchronised for a while, the synchronisation procedure may take more than 30 minutes. While you wait you can access your email from the device you have been working from at home or follow the instructions to access the web-based version of Outlook.

Do you need anything else from home?  If you borrowed a keyboard, mouse or other DSE equipment, do you need to bring it back to the office or arrange for a replacement?

Keep your office equipment connected

Moving your desktop may cause it to become disconnected from our network. If you need to move furniture or change your office layout to comply with social distancing guidelines, please speak to the IT Service Desk before making any changes.

And finally,

Remember to bring your Greenwich Gateway Card, you'll need it to get access to our buildings and to access printing.

Your Greenwich Gateway card also helps identify you as a member of our university community and is one of the ways we can all contribute to secure campuses.  Please have your ID cards visible when on campus.