Understanding trans experiences in work and healthcare


Join the seminar hosted by the university’s Diversity Interest Group and LGBT+ Staff Community on 14 April to learn more about trans experiences in work and healthcare.

On 31 March we celebrated International Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV) to raise awareness and increase the visibility of trans and gender non-conforming people.

Equality and diversity are important to us at the university, and we continue to educate ourselves and our community. As part of raising awareness of trans rights, the university’s Diversity Interest Group and LGBT+ Staff Community invite you to join a seminar to understand the experiences of trans people in work and healthcare.

The limited public discussion on trans equality focuses on pronouns and gender neutral facilities. Although these are important for trans people and others, there are many other challenges faced by trans and gender non-conforming people specifically, as highlighted on TDoV.

As the Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington outlined at the Gender Based Violence event, the trans community continues to face prejudice, discrimination and transphobia and anti-trans violence, including in universities. Here Jane explains why this day is important, and the shocking impact of gender based violence on trans and non-binary people.

The Contemporary Experiences: Understanding the Trans Experience seminar will explore these challenges as they unfold in two areas that have particular implications for trans people – healthcare and employment.

The seminar will be hosted on Teams on Wednesday 14 April 1pm – 2pm. Everyone is welcome to join the session to hear from panellists about their related research and personal experiences.

You can find out more and register here.